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PHOTOS: What went down at the 'He's Into Her' Season 2 global assembly

The "He's Into Her" cast, in the eyes of Star Cinema Creative Director and head writer Vanessa Valdez

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

3/22/2022 in News
PHOTOS: What went down at the 'He's Into Her' Season 2 global assembly

We all screamed, cried, and felt the kilig during the "He's Into Her" Season 2's global assembly, but everything we saw and felt are just icing of the cake.

On Instagram today, March 22, Star Cinema Creative Director and the series’ head writer Vanessa Valdez gave us a glimpse of what went down behind-the-scenes during the live media conference last March 19.

Sharing photos of some of the cast members, Vanessa recalled the series' long, eventful journey, which spanned for exactly two years.

"I started auditioning the ‘HIH' cast in March 2019. We had our cast bonding in October 2019. The cast was revealed to @maxinejiji and the rest of the world in November 2019. Our first shooting day was in December 2019," she recounted.



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"The last shoot for which I was physically present happened in late January 2020. The last time I saw all of them together was during the premiere night of ‘James and Pat and Dave' in February 2020. The last time I was with any ‘HIH' cast member (Belle and Miah) was on March 11, 2020.So it’s been a while. Quite a while," she added.

Vanessa then shared how happy she is to meet new and familiar faces, from the original bearkada to the latest additions to the cast.

The Creative Director also recalled the exact moment she saw them one-by-one, which she narrated in the photos she shared on Instagram.

"After two years of not seeing each other, we were all just too excited to be in each other's presence that we ended up embracing each other tightly and shrieking in delight. We were all too caught up in the moment that no one was taking photos and videos of all that joyfulness unfolding. But we had a blast," she began.

First she saw Dalia Varde, CJ Salonga, and River Joseph, followed by Jeremiah Lisbo.

Next to arrive were Joao Constancia, Vivoree, and then Kaori Oinuma, whose excitement to see her was like someone who "suddenly found a long-lost toy," as described by Vanessa. They were followed by Ashley Del Mundo and Limer Veloso.

She also happily talked to the cast members she saw for the first time: BINI’s Mikha Lim, Reich Alim, Rajo Serrano, Shanaia Gomez, and Turs Daza (who also played Deib’s older brother in season 1). 

Criza Taa and director Chad Vidanes then entered the room after, followed by the lead stars Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano. She also shared the cute story behind the photo of Donny and Miah, the "real love team that ‘HIH' launched."

To end it, Vanessa said she hopes to see and hug the "kids" again, as we slowly get back to normal. "I pray that we are as appreciative, if not more, of the opportunities we are given to literally and metaphorically touch each other's lives."

The second season of "He's Into Her" will be streaming starting this April 2022 on iWantTFC!

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