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Nadine recalls losing contact with BF Christophe for 4 days amid onslaught of Typhoon Odette

Nadine had to travel 6 hours by boat just to see Christophe and their friends after the typhoon

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

3/22/2022 in News
Nadine recalls losing contact with BF Christophe for 4 days amid onslaught of Typhoon Odette

Three months since typhoon Odette hit Siargao in December, the memory is still fresh with Nadine Lustre during the night the typhoon landed on the island.

The “Beauty and the Bestie” actress opened up about it in the latest episode of Liza Soberano's podcast released March 20. Apparently, Nadine wasn't in Siargao when the typhoon landed due to work commitments.

"I was supposed to fly there on the 15th of December but I had work so I had to move my flight to the 16th, which was the day of the typhoon. This was before all the news of the typhoon being this strong. It was still quite calm when I booked my flight," she recalled.

Nadine then rebooked her flight to a later date upon seeing the news. "I didn't push through with my flight. I didn't get to leave until the 21st of December. So the typhoon happened on the 16th and then there's completely no contact on the island, with my friends, with my boyfriend also. There was nothing. So it's really scary because you don't know what happened."

The "Wait For Me" singer also recalled being scared for days for having no contact with everyone, including her boyfriend Christophe Bariou. It was not until the fourth day that she got to receive an update. 

"I didn't get any update until after four days. It was so bad, kasi it was someone else pa who texted me that all of my friends are okay, that my boyfriend is okay. I remember I cried. I didn't even know who this person was. He just sent me a message on WhatsApp and he sent me a photo of my boyfriend. He said, 'Chris is okay...' that's when I started crying," she narrated.

Nadine immediately flew to Cagayan De Oro as soon as the typhoon left since there were no direct flights during that time to Siargao yet. They later rode a van to go to Placer in Surigao del Norte.

“We arrived at the pier at 6PM and we couldn’t find a boat, but there was this one small boat, like a fisherman’s boat… I was with another friend. It was just the both of us, the fisherman, and the son traveling from Placer to General Luna,” she recalled.

Admittedly apprehensive about riding the small boat, Nadine decided to push through with it just to be with her friends and Christophe in Siargao. The boat ride took about six hours before finally getting to the island.

"When we found a spot where we could dock, I started walking to the beach. You can't recognize the place. It looked like there was a nuclear bomb that exploded in the area... everything was totally destroyed," she recounted.

Now that the island is slowly getting back on its feet again, Nadine is happy to have been of help, although she felt her efforts still weren't enough. 

"Siargao is a good place to be because it's a community. They help each other out. I'm just hoping it gets fixed again, people will get their homes back. It's gonna take a while," she said.

You may listen to the full episode here:

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