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5 sons of celebrities that deserve the spotlight

We dare you try not having a crush on these cuties!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

3/22/2022 in News
5 sons of celebrities that deserve the spotlight

It's no surprise seeing how celebrities have insanely good-looking kids, especially with them already being gorgeous human beings. But unlike their famous parents, some of their children prefer not to be in the limelight but still somehow steal it from time to time.

Take it from these celebs' sons, who have inherited the amazing genes of their beautiful parents. They've got looks that could pass as showbiz heartthrobs, charms that can take several girls by storm, and even some being blessed with incredible talent to match.

While it's kind of sad that we only see a glimpse of them through their social media, we believe they're still worthy of stalking. Scroll through to see the non-showbiz sons of celebs that deserve the spotlight:

Jakob Poturnak - Son of Ina Raymundo 



A post shared by Jakob (@jakobpoturnak)




Santino Rosales - Son of Jericho Rosales





Andres Muhlach - Son of Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez



A post shared by AA Muhlach (@aamuhlach)




A post shared by Andres Muhlach (@aagupy)


Thirdy Lacson - Son of Jodi Sta. Maria





Draco Veneracion - Son of Ian Veneracion





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