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EXCLUSIVE: Esnyr Ranollo reveals the real-life inspiration of his TikTok characters

Plus, Esnyr shares how he feels about the positive responses to his videos!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

3/2/2022 in News
EXCLUSIVE: Esnyr Ranollo reveals the real-life inspiration of his TikTok characters

Esnyr Ranollo has made a mark on the TikTok scene with his quirky characters in the school skits produced by himself.

In an exclusive interview with Star Cinema, the “Love is Color Blind” actor candidly opened up about the inspiration behind his TikTok content and how he feels about the warm and positive responses he’s gotten from the public.

Esnyr admitted that before his school skits blew up, he initially made other kinds of funny videos.

“Nag-experiment ako from the start, triny ko ‘yung iba’t ibang funny content, until one day... hindi ko na-realize na this classroom skit will fit me, will suit my personality, and will bring me here to where I am right now,” he said.

From there, he sought to focus on developing his TikTok personas. Drawing from real-life inspiration, Esnyr brought to life characters Andrei, Jessa, Bogart, Ashley, Precious, Pauline, and more.

“Andrei was my seatmate back then,” he shared. “Isang whole year ko po siyang seatmate. Hindi po Andrei ‘yung pangalan niya pero itago na lang natin sa pangalang Andrei. Parang hindi nya ako kinausap ng isang whole school year nung senior high. That’s why super inspired ako na idagdag siya as a character.”

“Shockingly, super dami palang mga ‘Andrei’ sa room. May mga kaklase pala ‘yung iba na nagpapanyo din kaya ayun, I’m happy na hindi lang classroom namin ‘yung may ganung type of students,” he beamed.



bOom 3 points chIcKeN cUrRy😭

♬ original sound - Esnyr Ranollo


“Yung mga iba naman po, inspired din sila sa mga kaklase ko, sa mga na-experience ko all throughout my high school up to senior high school journey. Parang ‘yung mga typical na mga pretty-pretty, typical public school students as well as private school students, pinagkaisa ko po lahat in order to build characters,” Esnyr added.

When asked if he would still come up with new characters in the future, Esnyr thinks non-student characters in the school could be possible additions.

“I’m open to new doors. Siguro na may mage-enroll na bago, hindi ko po alam. Feeling ko kung complete na ‘yung classroom ko pero siguro po. Baka hindi students, baka staff ng school. Let’s see what’s ahead.”



Kailangan by pair pag pupunta sa CR💀

♬ original sound - Esnyr Ranollo


After all the work he’s put into creating funny and relatable content, Esnyr is grateful that his efforts have paid off. According to him, the positive reception to his work is what keeps him going.

“It felt super overwhelming tapos heartwarming din po at the same time. I didn’t realize that by making content, I’ll get to make other people smile and complete their day. I’m super happy sa positive response and wala akong masyadong negative comments about my content. Ako, nagki-cringe ako sa sarili kong content siguro kasi ako siya, hindi ako ‘yung mga nanunuod. Pero ‘yung positive comments ng mga tao, dun po ako mas naganahan. That’s what keeps me going,” he shared.

Speaking about which comments made a mark on him the most, Esnyr said, “One of my favorite compliments is ‘yung anxiety nila and mental health problems nila, natutulungan ko sila through making videos. It really inspired me to do better and to create more content, kasi maybe my one-minute video can help them to have hope again and to look at the brighter side.”

Currently, Esnyr is starring in the special "Star CineMashup" episodes featuring his TikTok characters together with students from Star Cinema movies and series including "She's Dating The Gangster" and "He's Into Her."

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