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WATCH: Jericho Rosales helping a bartender wash dishes

A netizen shared that Jericho insisted that he'll do the dishes since he knows the struggle as a former waiter himself!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

3/14/2022 in News
WATCH: Jericho Rosales helping a bartender wash dishes

Jericho Rosales has proven time and time again how he has stayed humble even after he has reached stardom.

Take it from @melissayozel on TikTok, a bartender in La Union, who shared her firsthand experience of how the actor personally became her "barback" when he saw that she needed help in the kitchen.

In the now viral video, Jericho can be seen doing the dishes and was teasing the guests for making it hard for Melissa. "Masyado kayong malakas uminom, eh. Kasalanan niyo 'yan, eh. Ang lakas niyong uminom, nag-iisa lang siya!" he quipped.


@melissayozel Reply to @liaeiou . ayaw niyo ba talaga ng story time? hahahah sinong artista pupunta sa likod ng bar para mag hugas?! #jerichorosales lang sakalam! #jericho ♬ original sound - melissayozel


In a follow-up video, Melissa shared the story behind the video of Jericho, which happened sometime in November 2021.

According to her, she is a one-woman team when Jericho visited back then — she was the bartender, the dishwasher, the cashier, and even the one tasked with clearing the tables. So when the actor saw her having a hard time, his gut reaction was to offer her help.

Melissa said Jericho initially planned to do only his own dishes, but insisted on doing everything himself when he saw all the dishes piled up.

The actor told her: "Hindi, hindi. Okay lang talaga kasi naiintindihan kita. Waiter din ako dati, eh, saka okay lang sa'kin. Medyo lasing na ako kaya iniiwasan ko na, nagte-tequila na kasi sila, eh. Iniiwasan ko na mag-shot, maghugas na lang ako sa tabi."

Melissa also recalled that the actor already left for an after party, but decided to once again drop by the bar afterwards.

This time, they had the chance to share a conversation while she was doing her final round of cleaning in the area. She also remembered Jericho looking all panicked while he was searching for the cover of the water bottle when he drank some water from the bar.

When she said to stop looking for it and just let it go, a realization then dawned Jericho. "Alam mo, kailangan ko matutunan 'yan. Kailangan ko matutong mag-let go ng mga bagay," he said.

You can watch the full story here:


@melissayozel Reply to @mamilave . btw, nov last year pa to, di pa ko nag ttiktok nung nangyare to haha #jerichorosales #barback #jericho #theshrineofsatisfaction ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE - Queens Road, Fabian Graetz


Currently, the "The Girl in the Orange Dress" actor now stays in the United States with his wife Kim Jones. He is now attending acting workshops in New York.

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