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6 kilig movie lines of Kenji from ‘She’s Dating The Gangster’

POV: Ikaw si Athena (Kathryn) and sinasabi sa’yo lahat nang ‘to ni Kenji (Daniel)! 🥺

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

3/11/2022 in News
6 kilig movie lines of Kenji from ‘She’s Dating The Gangster’

“She’s Dating The Gangster” is inarguably one of KathNiel’s most kilig-worthy films. Whether it’s through a simple one-liner or a heavy scene, the emotions and chemistry between Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla remain constant and electrifying.

If we take a closer look at Daniel’s layered portrayal of young gangster Kenji, we'd find that there is much to swoon over and empathize with his persona. Despite Kenji’s tough exterior, he has such a tender heart for people he cares about. Enter: Athena (Kathryn). Athena brings Kenji out of his hard shell. She becomes the reason why, as the film progresses, we see more of Kenji’s caring and romantic side.

Thanks to Kenji, we’re in the mood for a timely "She's Dating the Gangster" movie lines compilation that will definitely give us kilig vibes while we imagine we’re Athena. Scroll through the compilation below to see his most nakakakilig lines:

Kenji: “Walang pwedeng manakit sa girlfriend ko.”

Kenji: “Maging tayo na. Walang laro, walang kunyarian, ‘yung totoo na.”

Kenji: “Bagay na bagay na tayo.”

Kenji: “Ayokong nagseselos.”

Kenji: “Ayoko. Ikaw ang mahal ko.”

Kenji: “Babalik pa tayo dito kasi dito kita papakasalan.”

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