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4 Instagram influencers who will bring color to your feeds

Time to unleash the bright dresser in you, just like these influencers!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

3/10/2022 in News
4 Instagram influencers who will bring color to your feeds

You don't need to be a fashion icon to show the world you've got excellent style. Sometimes, all you need are your stylish looks, a dash of confidence, and a platform such as Instagram to showcase what you've got.

Just take these influencers and bloggers for instance, who use social media to show their unique and vibrant styles. While we all have different tastes in fashion, they have something in common: they breathe in colors. 

We’ve compiled four influencers whose OOTDs will instantly bring colors to your feed, and might even inspire you to wear colors too:

Rachelle Ruth (@rachelleruth_)

Rachelle could easily pass as the fourth Kardashian sister with her glorious looks and voluptuous body, not to mention her top-tier fashion taste. You'd mostly see her rocking colorful street fashion — from bright orange hoodies to purple varsity jackets — and slay them every. single. time.





Alvin Liwanag (@alvinbelmonts)

Alvin may be a CEO and Creative Director by title, but he can very much be a fashion guru as well. Just take a look at how he beautifully mixes-and-matches colors that turn out to be gorgeous, gorgeous fits. Oh, and did we mention that he's got an equally stylish partner too?





Anne Lopez (@anneglopezz)

If bright colors aren't exactly part of your aesthetic but you want to experiment with colors, Anne's subtly colorful OOTDs are the way. Baby pinks and blues are a safe way to begin, before you verge into bolder colors such as neons.



A post shared by Anne Lopez (@anneglopezz)




A post shared by Anne Lopez (@anneglopezz)


Mitch (@itsmitchb__)

Here's something to try a la Mitch: finish off your look with a bright-colored bag... and voila! Instant fashion level up. More than being a bright dresser, Mitch loves donning prints in different colors that definitely make her looks effortless yet chic.



A post shared by Mitch unnie (@itsmitchb__)




A post shared by Mitch unnie (@itsmitchb__)


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