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Trina Candaza hints at co-parenting with Carlo Aquino

Carlo picked up baby Mithi from Trina's home, then returned her on the same day.

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

2/9/2022 in News
Trina Candaza hints at co-parenting with Carlo Aquino

Trina Candaza has recently shown a glimpse of Carlo Aquino “borrowing” their daughter Enola Mithi from the model-vlogger’s new home amid breakup speculations.

On February 4, Trina uploaded a YouTube vlog documenting her activities for the day, including preparing baby Mithi to be fetched by Carlo.

“Good morning, so today susunduin si Mithi ng daddy niya,” she said in the opening part of the vlog.

Later on, she handed over baby Mithi to Carlo who was waiting at the lobby.

“So, ayun, binaba ko na si Mithi. Pinick-up siya ni Carlo, ni Papa niya. Hiniram muna siya,” she told the viewers.

Before the day ended, baby Mithi was dropped off at Trina’s condo by a guy wearing a baseball cap and face mask.

Last January, Trina posted a separate vlog about the “new home” she has moved into with baby Mithi. She made no mention of Carlo in that video.

Carlo and Trina first went public with their relationship in September 2019. 

On September 18, 2020, the couple welcomed daughter Enola Mithi.

You can check out Trina’s full vlog here:

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