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LIST: Filipino Radio DJs shaking up the podcast world

DJ Jhai Ho actually hosts three podcasts: "We Rise Together Aftershow," "Before They Were Stars: The Podcast," and "Hotspot the Podcast"!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

2/9/2022 in News
LIST: Filipino Radio DJs shaking up the podcast world

The ever-changing entertainment industry doesn't only require personalities to adapt, but also to be open to the endless possibilities being offered to them. Take it from our very own radio DJs, who are slowly venturing into the world of podcasts and are now hosting their own shows in the growing industry.

Among those who were quick to take on the challenge was former MOR 101.9 resident DJ Jhai Ho. Since the radio station officially shut down in 2020, Jhai Ho ventured into podcasting and launched a podcast version of his digital show "Hotspot," the "Hotspot the Podcast," best for those who love a good company during their free time and long drives.

In the show, he features exclusive interviews of Kapamilya personalities who also happily take on fun challenges in every episode.

Jhai Ho also hosts two other podcasts: the "Before They Were Stars: The Podcast" that puts spotlight on Kapamilya celebrities and their life before joining showbiz; and the "We Rise Together Aftershow," which he hosts with stars from Rise Artists Studio, where they share their takeaways with their guests right after their "We Rise Together" livestream.

Apart from Jhai Ho, several other DJs have also found their passion in podcasting like 90.7 Love Radio's iconic team-up of Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper who now hosts the "Tambalan Podcast"; Magic 89.9’s Tony Toni and Rica Cruz with their "Sexy Minds Podcast"; and Monster RX 93.1’s Monster RX 93.1’s who now bring laughs through "OnlyFun with Chico and Gino."

Magic 89.9’s Alex Calleja has also been juggling his DJ and podcast host duties with his show, "Punchline with Alex Calleja."

Several DJs from Monster RX 93.1 have also ventured into podcasting. Cara Eriguel talks about lifestyle, finance, career, relationships, self-love, sex, and more through her very own podcast, "After 30 with Cara Eriguel," while JC Tevez and Rica Garcia launched their podcast called "The Halo-Halo Show," which, based on the title, talks about anything and everything fun under the sun.

Their fellow DJs Delamar Arias, Gelli Victor, and Monica Francesca, on the other hand, also have their own podcast titled "The Eve’s Drop."

And if you're interested in topics such as sports, Christian living, and the life of people behind the radio, these three are your best bet: Wave 89.1’s Cesca Litton-Kalaw shares her sports knowledge through "Off The Record with Migs and Cesca"; Play 99.5 FM's Sam Oh promotes dialogue in the Christian community through "The Narrow Door"; and Wave 89.1 FM's Stan Sy gives a peek to the real people behind the voices you hear on the radio through "On Deck with Stan Sy."

You can read more about their podcasts here.

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