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Here’s a sneak peek of songs from ‘He’s Into Her’ season 2!

Which of these songs hit you right in the feels? 🥰 #HesIntoHerSeason2

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

2/8/2022 in News
Here’s a sneak peek of songs from ‘He’s Into Her’ season 2!

In case you missed it, the second season of “He’s Into Her” began filming earlier this week! You can just imagine how difficult it is for fans (and us!) to contain the anticipation for the series’ premiere.

As a special treat to our patient TagSen hearts, the series' head writer Vanessa Valdez has been dropping previews of the songs included in the official soundtrack of ‘He’s Into Her’ season 2 on Instagram. And if these songs won’t make you excited, we don’t know what will!



Produced by Jonathan Manalo, songs by OPM band Nameless Kids, former member of UK-based boyband United Vibe Jon Guelas, and singer-songwriters Trisha Denise and Gabriel Tagadtad are included in the OST. Check out the song previews below:

Outlaws by Nameless Kids

🎶 It's midnight
I'm drowning in regret
A million reasons going through my head
From the east side I'm driving so fast
Looking for a means to an end
The winds blowing on my face
Chasing down the freeway
The winds blowing on my face
We're on the run

What if we were outlaws
Only wanna get lost
Run from all these lies
What if we were out lost
Running from the pain
Broken though we did things right 🎶



A post shared by Vanessa R. Valdez (@v_r_v_)


Listen to the full track here:

Faded by Nameless Kids

🎶 I know it’s just make believe
And I just want you to know me
And I know it’s just make believe
But I’ll just keep on loving
And loving and loving

I’m not tryna’ be alone
Late night we’re so close
You got me faded
So faded 🎶



A post shared by Vanessa R. Valdez (@v_r_v_)


Listen to the full track here:

Puwede Ba? by Trisha Denise

🎶 Hindi ko na naalala ang nakaraan
Pagka’t inaasahan ko na ang hinaharap
Basta’t hawak hawak mo lang ako
Para bang humihinto ang orasan at pag-ibig ay di na maglalaho

Puwede bang nandito lang tayo
Pangakong hindi ako lalayo
Sa yakap mo, sa piling mo
Wala nang ibang hinahangad (wala ng iba)
Puwede bang dito lang tayong dalawa
Ayoko nang mawalay pa sa’yo 🎶



A post shared by Vanessa R. Valdez (@v_r_v_)

Listen to the full track here:

Here are more hopeful and heartwarming song lyrics penned by Trisha Denise.

🎶 Kahit na
Ano pa man ang ‘yong nakaraan
Hindi na mahalaga
‘Pagkat pipiliing kasama ka
Kahit na
Mahirap at hindi mo na mabuhat
Ang bigat ng ‘yong mga dalang problema
Nandito lang ako sa ‘yong tabi 🎶



A post shared by Vanessa R. Valdez (@v_r_v_)


Here's a heart-wrenching snippet from a song by Jon Guelas!

🎶 And I’m hurting, you’re hurting
Don’t give up, it’s worth it
We know the days seem so long

And I’m stronger than ever
But we’re not together
Everything feels wrong 🎶



A post shared by Vanessa R. Valdez (@v_r_v_)


The lyrics of this song written by Gabriel Tagadtad will send you into kilig overdrive!

🎶 You are,
You are my northern star!
And I can get lost with you tonight
‘Coz I’ll find my way back
Anywhere with you is a way to home 🎶



A post shared by Vanessa R. Valdez (@v_r_v_)


Which of these songs have you screaming out of excitement? Our answer: all of them!

While waiting for the whole soundtrack and series to be released, we can cry our eyes out in the meantime to this teaser for the second season, featuring the specially-made "He's Into Her" version of "Did I Let You Go" by British-Filipino "X-Factor UK" contestant Jon Guelas!

Of course, you can also stream the hit songs from the first season, "He's Into Her" which has three versions performed by BGYO, SAB, and Donny Pangilinan, and the two versions of "Sigurado": the solo release by Belle Mariano, and the duet with Donny Pangilinan. ❤️💙  You can listen to them below:

Directed by Chad Vidanes, “He’s Into Her” is a hit teen rom-com series starring Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano.

Joining DonBelle for season 2 are Jeremiah Lisbo, Kaori Oinuma, Vivoree, Joao Constancia, Criza Taa, Turs Daza, Ashley del Mundo, Gello Marquez, Dalia Varde, and Limer Veloso.

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