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Morissette Amon recalls wedding day with Dave Lamar

Their wedding happened on June 28, 2021!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

2/8/2022 in News
Morissette Amon recalls wedding day with Dave Lamar

Morissette Amon surprised her fans upon her announcement last January that she and Dave Lamar have already tied the knot.

While she only hinted that their wedding happened a few months back, Morissette confirmed during her after-concert conference that it actually took place on June 28, 2021.

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She and her now-husband Dave Lamar also opened up about the details of their wedding during the after party of Morissette's concert, and how they took the risk of pushing through with the ceremony on a rainy afternoon.



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According to the Asia's Phoenix, the days leading to their wedding were actually sunny so the storm that happened on their wedding day was something they didn't anticipate.

“Days before that, the whole week, it was all sunny,” Morissette recalled. “Hours before the wedding, it was still sunny because we were still able to do all those video interviews outside."

“So, we thought it would also be sunny on our wedding. The weather was super good up until everyone all left for the altar. Then biglang umulan. It was not even a drizzle. It was a storm. We had to wait for an hour.”

However, the rain didn't stop. Morissette and Dave then decided to push through with it, regardless of the weather.

“When we noticed that the rain was slowly trying to calm down, my team and I decided to go to the altar and took the risk,” she said.

“But it was still raining,” Dave noted.

“The raindrops made for amazing cinematography as I was walking towards the altar. You guys can’t deny that. The rain made the wedding all the more special,” Morisette added.



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Indeed, the raindrops made the ceremony not just beautiful but also romantic, like straight out of a Hollywood rom-com.

Discussing why they initially kept their wedding a secret, the couple believes that keeping things to themselves for some time will spare them the stress and pressure.

“Even when we were engaged, I love the feeling of ‘no stress’ from other people,” Morissette shared. “Just having only the people close to me and Dave know about it, it was nice. We were all calm and we enjoyed about it. 

“We were able to sustain it for so long. No pressure from anywhere else. Right now, there’s the feeling of just being free. That’s incomparable," she said.

Now that they're a few months into their marriage, Morissette admitted that she's actually not ready yet to have kids.

"There’s no pressure for us to have kids. That is not our priority," she pressed. "There are so many things we want to do together right now in both our careers. Having children will happen."

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