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6 Instagram influencers with clean aesthetic feeds you’ll instantly be a fan of

Make way for the King and queens of the minimalist aesthetic.

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

2/7/2022 in News
6 Instagram influencers with clean aesthetic feeds you’ll instantly be a fan of

Instagram is a never-ending party of travel goals, makeup trends, fitness tips, advocacy statements—the list goes on! That is why when we come across crisp and minimalist feeds, we give those palate cleansers a quick follow.

Whether you’re into deep gray hues or deliciously nude aesthetics, the following influencers definitely give the most popular players in the game a run for their money. They will inspire you to make art out of simple cafe hangs and errand runs. Even lounging at home can look cool after all, you’d soon learn.

We’ve compiled 6 influencers whose accounts are just so clean and tasteful you’ll always want to see them on your feed:

Kerwin King (@kerwinking)

If all it takes for Kerwin to stand out is a plain background and a monochromatic outfit, then he’s definitely on another level. The Rise iHub content creator definitely knows how to make a statement with his minimalist style and gorgeous looks. Well, what if we told you he’s also set to debut on the small screen? That’s right: Kerwin has joined the cast of the upcoming series “Sleep With Me” and we surely can’t wait.

Ida Anduyan (@idaandu)

Ida has redefined what it means to be a content creator, an It girl, and a woman. The 28-year-old influencer has a unique approach to the world of social media. Her Instagram bio says it all: “not what you’re used to.” Going by her feed alone, she thrives on creating art, being art, and appreciating art. How can we not adore her?

Kimi Juan-Caja (@kimijuan)

If you’re a fan of slow fashion, conscious living, and dainty aesthetics, you’ll definitely be a fan of Kimi. Her photos are beyond pretty: they’re softly thought-provoking. Mindful. Every photo will take you to a world where you don’t have to rush to the next big thing or climb the next mountain. Her photos will inspire you to bask in the gift of now.

Kyla Zuñiga-Salas (@jkylazuniga) 

Kyla, the owner of minimalist brand Undo Studio, has an eye for the finer details of style. Her outfits and home interiors resonate with us so much not only because they look divine, but more so because they’re well-thought-out. We stan a queen who is electric and sharp even at a low hum aesthetic. We stan Kyla.

Vianca Soleil (@viancasoleil)

Vianca’s dreamy travel photos are curated to perfection. As a photographer and founder of eco-resort Unna, Vianca’s tasteful perspective comes through in every post she makes. If a picture is worth a thousand words, hers are a bulk of beautiful memoirs. To follow her is to never be able to stop reading.

Faye Balogo (@fayebalogo)

Your Pinterest board come to life? That’s just Faye’s everyday routine. Looking straight out of a Korean brand catalog, Faye has mastered the art of mixing bright and fun with delicate and muted. Her coffee runs, desk setups, and mirror selfies are always so on point. Is there a way we could be her for a day?

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