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COMPILED: The 'Trophy Wife Multiverse' on TikTok

The trophy wife multiverse is growing and we're not complaining! 😂

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

2/3/2022 in News
COMPILED: The 'Trophy Wife Multiverse' on TikTok

Everyday, we see something new on TikTok. From skits to dance challenges, numerous trends emerge from the video sharing app.

But perhaps one of our current favorites that we're really invested in is the growing trophy wife multiverse. In case you haven't seen these videos yet, it all started with TikToker Rain Matienzo who made POVs of a trophy wife for fun.

It was all fun and games until several TikTok users started stitching her videos and made POVs of their own based on the names and characters mentioned by Rain in her vids.

To give a clearer picture of this multiverse, here's the video where it all started:


15 mins lang ako dito mainit eh

♬ original sound - Rain | ig: @rainmatienzo 🦋 - Rain | ig: @rainmatienzo 🌧

TikTok user Landamme Vivas then made a POV of his own, and acted as the trophy wife's husband. 


proud that my son plays sports like I do

♬ original sound - ig:landammevivas

And the POVs didn't stop there --  the story of the trophy wife and 7-digit earner husband of even making videos of them seemingly in a video call and another one as if they're in a real-life convo!


pov: stuck in traffic

♬ original sound - ig:landammevivas

@rainmatienzo #duet with @landamme ♬ original sound - ig:landammevivas


i'm noooot making tampo 🙄

♬ original sound - Rain | ig: @rainmatienzo 🌧

@landamme #duet with @rainmatienzo ♬ original sound - Rain | ig: @rainmatienzo 🌧

Here's the interesting and fun part: several TikTok users also joined the skit, specifically this particular POV of Rain where she acted out as a stage mom during the Buwan ng Wika program.


trophy wife is a stage mom, obviously 🤷🏽‍♀️

♬ original sound - Rain | ig: @rainmatienzo 🌧

In the video, she mentioned her son Iñigo, his friend Basti, his Yaya, and his Mamita. Several TikTok users were then quick to also make POVs of these characters, making interesting stories of the aformentioned. A whole new set of characters were also unlocked as the multiverse continuously grows. Take a look on their takes below!

As Iñigo

@inigoabaya hi mom @rainmatienzo #trophywifemultiverse #iñigo ♬ original sound - Rain | ig: @rainmatienzo 🌧

As Basti

@sebastilll Tita @rainmatienzo ♬ original sound - Rain | ig: @rainmatienzo 🌧

As Basti with competitive parents

@dalampesigan24 Pov: Si Basti na may competitive parents #Trophywifemultiverse #basti ♬ original sound - Gerald Pesigan

As Yaya

@rica.salomon Inigo you want palo????? #trophywifemultiverse ♬ original sound - Rica Salomon

As the rich single tita of Iñigo

@aynbernos Where was your dad, Iñigo? #TrophyWifeMultiverse #pov ♬ original sound - Ayn Bernos

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