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LOOK: Francine Diaz gives a peek at her newly furnished home

The wooden and neutral details of her home look so elegant!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

2/3/2022 in News
LOOK: Francine Diaz gives a peek at her newly furnished home

Francine Diaz's humble beginnings in showbiz would make you admire every milestone she achieves. And just recently, she finally gave a peek of one of her greatest investments — their family home.

On Karen Davila's vlog, the "Bola Bola" star walked the broadcast journalist around her newly furnished home located in Cavite. According to Francine, she tapped an interior designer to make it homier since it was bare when they first moved in.

"Noong unang punta po namin dito talagang white lang siya lahat. Tapos ang luwag-luwag niya, parang ang dami mong gustong ilagay. Tapos sa sobrang luwag at white niya, nabo-bore ka na," said Francine. "So sabi namin, pa-design kaya natin? So ito, pina-design na namin."

Upon entering, a humble living area will welcome you -- a sala set which was a gift from one of her Ninongs, a drawer with decorative pieces, and a huge divider shelf that houses Francine's trophies.

Apart from the main living area, they also have another corner that serves as their receiving area and movie room in one. Beside their wall-mounted TV is a stylish wall that is actually a cabinet that houses all of the actress' footwear.

For the dining room, Francine said their table and chairs are still the old ones they owned that they had refurbished.

"'Yung table namin na 'to matagal na siya tapos pina-design lang namin... Kasi kailan lang po namin ito binili so parang nanghihinayang kami kung panibago na naman," she shared.

They also have a dirty kitchen, which used to be an outdoor area. Francine said she also plans to have it designed in the future.

See more of her family home here:

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