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COMPILED: Charlie Dizon’s leading men in TV and film

These actors sure do complement Charlie’s superb acting prowess!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

2/25/2022 in News
COMPILED: Charlie Dizon’s leading men in TV and film

On her own, Charlie Dizon is already a shining star. What more when she’s paired with a heartthrob actor who brings out the best in her?

Like the professional that she is, Charlie has always made sure to bring her best to the table, especially in the major TV and film roles she has played in recent years. And if you’re a fan of her praiseworthy work, you would have thought the same thing we did: it’s a good thing she’s teamed up with someone of her caliber. Whether it’s the Paulo to her Jane or the Kyle to her Rica, we’re big fans of all the tandems Charlie’s ever been in.

Get to know more about her leading men below:

Jameson Blake

Among Charlie’s leading men, Jameson has starred alongside her the most times. Understandable! Have you seen their onscreen chemistry? Super kilig-worthy!

Charlie and Jameson have played high school sweethearts Jobel and Gerard in the “Planner” episode of “Maalaala Mo Kaya”; travel enthusiasts Ciara and Lucas in “My Sunset Girl”; and rekindled flame Teddie and Jeremy in “Four Sisters Before The Wedding”.



Paulo Avelino

Charlie’s breakout role in “Fan Girl” was made even more unforgettable by her thrilling chemistry with Paulo Avelino, who played a fictionalized version of himself. For their brilliant performances, they bagged the Best Actress and Best Actor trophies at the 2020 Metro Manila Film Festival.



A post shared by Paulo Avelino (@pauavelino)



A post shared by Paulo Avelino (@pauavelino)

Joshua Garcia

Joshua and Charlie make arguably one of the best team-ups to come out of 2021. It takes a pair like theirs to add emotional depth to the hard-hitting episodes of “Viral Scandal” without compromising their romantic chemistry. It would be amazing to see them work on more projects in the future, don't you think?



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