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4 Instagram hunks who are undeniably hot AF

These eye candies deserve to be on your following list 🔥

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

2/24/2022 in News
4 Instagram hunks who are undeniably hot AF

Instagram is the place to be for some fitspiration or aesthetics, and most definitely for scouting some eye candy. You'll never run out of people to follow, especially if their confidence is something that inspires you to work on your own.

We've previously gathered some hunks in our feature, and we're here to spoil you with more! Below is the second batch of the Instagram influencers who caught our eye with their gorgeous faces matched with equally hot physique. Scroll through to see why they deserve to be on your following list:

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Miguel Lim (@themigzlim)

A print ad and commercial model by profession, there's no doubt Miguel serves top tier photos on his feed. From studio shoots to him casually taking photos at the gym, he'll definitely snatch your hearts (and eyes) in an instant.



A post shared by MIGUEL (@themigzlim)




A post shared by MIGUEL (@themigzlim)


Ron Angeles (@rnmrtnangls)

Ron might be a familiar face to some, since he appears on-screen from time to time. An actor, a content creator, and a frequent traveller, there's no doubt the camera loves this charmer. All of his photos? Worth the double tap!



A post shared by Ron Angeles (@rnmrtnangls)




A post shared by Ron Angeles (@rnmrtnangls)


Mark Ortega (@worldof__mark)

You know what they say about Gemini guys? Full of charm and charisma — and Mark is truly one of them. It's impossible not to be drawn to his fierce gaze, his sweet smile, and his perfectly toned bod. A true fitspration.





David Lumbre (@davidlumbre_official)

Don't be fooled by David being a '99-liner because there’s definitely something beyond that baby face. He knows how to tease, be it in his scorching hot pics or naughty captions, and we actually don't mind seeing them in our feed 24/7.





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