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FULL MOVIE: Jericho and Kristine’s unmatched chemistry in ‘Forevermore’

It’s been nearly 20 years since this romance film made us EchoTin stans forevermore. ❤️

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

2/23/2022 in News
FULL MOVIE: Jericho and Kristine’s unmatched chemistry in ‘Forevermore’

Is it possible for two people with different versions of success to have a happily ever after?

In this 2002 romance film by John-D Lazatin, Jericho Rosales plays Anton Cordero, a promising architect who is also the grandson of Alejandro Cordero (Nestor de Villa), a mango farm owner. 

When Anton returns to his ailing grandfather’s farm, the business is facing bankruptcy. Legend has it that when Don Alejandro’s next of kin falls in love unconditionally, the sweetest mango produce will grow in the orchard, bearing hope for the estate. 

Anton doesn’t believe in that tale. But Marian, Don Alejandro’s caring assistant, does. Having had a crush on Anton since childhood, Marian is eager to make the legend come true with him.

Things do not go according to plan when Marian realizes that Anton has grown to be an indifferent young man with big city dreams. If the legend is true at all, will they be able to make their love work given their different perspectives on life and success?

Find out by streaming the full movie for FREE on Star Cinema’s YouTube channel!

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