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3 TikTok makeup influencers who are cute and kalog!

When the look is as amazing as the personality = 💯

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

2/18/2022 in News
3 TikTok makeup influencers who are cute and kalog!

Every now and then we thank the TikTok gods that makeup content creators exist, for without them our own bare faces would not stand a chance. 

However, much like the aisles and aisles of makeup products at your nearest local drugstore, there are so many makeup gurus and enthusiasts out there. Don’t get us wrong, we love seeing all the gorgeousness and creativity on our feeds! So if you do too, we have a feeling you’ll love the following influencers who are not afraid to show their bubbly personalities while doing makeup transformations.

Scroll through their TikTok videos to get a glimpse of how fun and talented they are:

Paula Pelaez (@paupelaez_)

When we think of cute and kalog, we automatically think of Paula, who goes by Hanemiya on TikTok and is fondly called “Chikana” by her followers. There’s no denying that Paula’s top-tier personality is what makes people fall in love with her, but don’t sleep on her looks! The girl knows how to serve glam on a platter.


@paupelaez_ @jeanfab_ @g21official_ ♬ original sound - ʜᴀɴᴇᴍɪʏᴀ



@paupelaez_ @jeanfab_ @g21official_ ♬ original sound - ʜᴀɴᴇᴍɪʏᴀ


Geraldine Rivera (@glambyge)

It’s always refreshing to see a content creator who’s not afraid to speak her mind, and Geraldine is exactly like that. She’s also not afraid to poke fun at herself on-camera, which makes her flawlessly mature looks even more mind-blowing!


@glambyge make up ng may ka date sa valentines day 💋 @celestecoofficial ♬ original sound - Geraldine Rivera



@glambyge Reply to @princeprince0919 comment your other suggestions! ☺️ #fyp #makeuptutorial #nerd #studytips #gauthmath #learnongauth ♬ original sound - Geraldine Rivera


Lenie Aycardo (@lenie_aycardo)

Lenie may have a sweet, innocent-looking face, but her genuine personality comes across in her videos. You’ll be amazed at the beautiful looks she can pull off, but you’ll always be equally entertained by her random chikas and comment replies!


@lenie_aycardo Clean Makeup ✨ #lenieaycardo ♬ original sound - L E N I E 🇵🇭



@lenie_aycardo Reply to @sangilajean Sino gusto ng Part 2? #lenieaycardo ♬ original sound - L E N I E 🇵🇭


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