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FULL MOVIE: Coco ghosts Sarah in ‘Maybe This Time’

Will Steph (Sarah) and Tonio (Coco) pick up where they left off in their "almost" relationship?

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

2/18/2022 in News
FULL MOVIE: Coco ghosts Sarah in ‘Maybe This Time’

Will you give another chance to someone who left you without saying goodbye?

In this 2014 rom-com by Jerry Lopez Sineneng, Steph (Sarah Geronimo) has to decide if she would hit restart with the man who broke her heart.

It all began when Manila girl Steph met Tonio (Coco Martin) during an outreach program in the province. Unlike Steph, Tonio was raised in a small town. Despite their differences, they fall head over heels for each other. But their blossoming love story is brought to an abrupt end by Tonio’s decision to move away without prior notice.

Heartbroken, Steph gathers the strength to move on and set bigger dreams for herself. Seven years later, their paths cross again. Does this mean a brand new start for them? Or does it only worsen their painful history?

You can now stream the full movie for FREE on Star Cinema’s YouTube channel!

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