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LOOK: Alexa and KD’s back-to-back release of ‘Misteryo’ and ‘When I See You Again’

If these duets are anything to go by, KDLex is a match made in musical heaven.

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

2/18/2022 in News
LOOK: Alexa and KD’s back-to-back release of ‘Misteryo’ and ‘When I See You Again’

Love month just got sweeter with the back-to-back release of Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada’s latest singles “Misteryo” and “When I See You Again.”

On February 17, Star Music released the official lyric videos of Alexa and KD’s new songs on its YouTube channel. The songs are also now available to stream on major streaming platforms.

Interestingly, while both tracks are about inspirational layers of love, they present different sides of Alexa and KD’s musicality.

Made in collaboration with Eunice Jorge, “Misteryo” is lyrically curious textured with playful and poppy undertones. Listening to it takes us back to those sweet first moments of a newly discovered love begging to be explored, waiting to be realized.

Meanwhile, "Pinoy Big Brother's" exit song “When I See You Again” is a smoother ballad co-written by KDLex, as their fans fondly call them. From this track, KDLex bares a bit more of who they are as artists and partners-in-craft: in sync, heartfelt, formidable talents with a genuine point of view.

In less than 12 hours, both singles have reached the #1 and #2 spots in iTunes Philippines’ Top 100. 

Alexa and KD took to Twitter to express their pride and support for each other as they share this milestone in their careers.

“So proud of you @alexailacad,” KD tweeted first.



Alexa replied, “Proud of you too!! We make a great team”.



What brought Alexa and KD together was their stint as celebrity housemates in "Pinoy Big Brother: Kumunity Season 10." Calling each other as their "greatest takeaway" from "PBB," KDLex have become the breakout pair of the reality show. 

This February 26, they will jointly stage their fan conference entitled "Closer: The KDLex Fancon." They are also set to star in a series by Dreamscape Entertainment this year.

You can watch the lyric video of “Misteryo” here:

You can watch the lyric video of “When I See You Again” here:

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