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FULL MOVIE: Revisit CocoJul’s romance in ‘A Moment In Time’

When is it "too late" to win back the love of your life?

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

2/17/2022 in News
FULL MOVIE: Revisit CocoJul’s romance in ‘A Moment In Time’

There is much to love about Coco Martin and Julia Montes’ first film together: their unmatched chemistry, the gorgeous setting, and the emotional rollercoaster!

Helmed by Emmanuel Quindo Palo, “A Moment In Time” brings Coco and Julia together as Patrick and Jillian in a romance-drama set in Amsterdam.

It’s love at first sight for passionate artist Patrick when he sees beautiful Jillian on the subway. Determined to cross paths with Jillian again, Patrick begins painting her face on street walls. Jillian eventually takes notice and falls in love with him.

As romantic as that all sounds, the reality is they come from different worlds. Patrick works as a part-time waiter while Jillian belongs to a rich family. Patrick needs to provide for his sister’s education while Jillian is a sheltered only child planning to study music in Amsterdam.

For Jillian’s parents, their economic differences are too wide a gap for love to conquer. When Patrick learns about Jillian’s “dark secret,” they break up, leaving Jillian devastated. She then moves to Amsterdam where she gets engaged to another man. 

Realizing he still loves Jillian, Patrick follows suit in an effort to win her back. Will he succeed? Or is their love just “a moment in time”?

You can now stream the full movie for FREE on Star Cinema’s YouTube channel!

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