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PHOTOS: Donny Pangilinan's cutest moments with family

Oh to be part of the gorgeous Pangilinan family 💖

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

2/10/2022 in News
PHOTOS: Donny Pangilinan's cutest moments with family

Unlike his characters in "He's Into Her" and "Love is Color Blind," Donny Pangilinan is actually blessed to be surrounded by the best and loving support system — his family. 

And while the Pangilinans are a prominent clan in the industry, they are not at all high and mighty. They are perhaps the sweetest, most down-to-earth people anyone could ever think of, and it's all thanks to the good upbringing of Donny's parents, Anthony and Maricel.

Give a  quick glimpse on their Instagram accounts and it's impossible not to be a fan of their beautiful family. Below are just some of their loveliest family moments that are truly worth admiring:

They are very, very supportive of each other's milestones







They are a loud and proud Christ-centered family



They make it a habit to give back to those in need



They always make time for dates — from then 'til now





Nothing is sweeter than seeing siblings love each other



Traveling indeed makes their family grow closer and stronger









And can we just say they make the cutest wacky poses?



A post shared by Donny Pangilinan (@donny)






And here's a bonus: Them treating Donny as their baby is just too cute!



Happy birthday, Donny!

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