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WATCH: Maxene Magalona, JC Alcantara play 'Who's Most Likely To' and spill fun facts!

Maxene and JC both agree that a certain cast member is most likely to make heads turn upon entering a convenience store!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

11/18/2022 in News
WATCH: Maxene Magalona, JC Alcantara play 'Who's Most Likely To' and spill fun facts!

JC Alcantara and Maxene Magalona dropped some unexpected trivia and fun facts about themselves and their co-stars in the film "An Inconvenient Love” 

The two stars, who will play Manny's (Donny Pangilinan) siblings Dobs (JC) and Vivian (Maxene) in the movie, happily took on the popular game of "Who's Most Likely To" in an exclusive chat with Star Cinema. 

The mechanics are simple: JC and Maxene had to name a cast member or a production team member for every category given.  

When asked who's most likely to buy from a convenience store in the middle of the night, Maxene quickly answered Precious Lara Quigaman, since she and Lara love to snack while on set. 

On who's most likely to become a plantito or plantita, Maxene volunteered herself: "I like taking care of plants and talking to plants, actually.” 

The actress also named Teresa Loyzaga, who happens to love yoga like her.  

"She actually does yoga in her garden and she says hi to the plants and the birds, kinukwento niya," Maxene shared. 

Meanwhile, JC immediately pointed to himself as the one who's most likely to forget things at a store, as he recalled all the times he almost lost his phone. 

"Ako siguro," he admitted. "As in cellphone ko [nakakalimutan ko]. Buti na lang may Find My iPhone. Mga lima na nawala ko [na phone] pero nahanap naman." 

JC and Maxene also both agreed that director Petersen Vargas is most likely to be the one to hold a photo shoot inside the store for the 'gram, while cast member Chino Liu a.k.a. Tita Krissy Achino was named as most likely to be the loud customer. 

On who’s most likely to stay all night in a convenience store, JC believes it would be Donny, just like his character Manny in the movie. 

Both also agreed that it’s Belle Mariano who is most likely to make heads turn when she enters a convenience store. 

"Si Belle," Maxene quickly answered. "Si Belle talaga, iba 'yung aura. Honestly, 'yung aura ni Belle, she's just so cute and mapapatingin ka talaga. She's a natural headturner." 

Watch their full Star Cinema Chat here: 

Catch Maxene and JC, along with Donny, Belle, and the rest of the “An Inconvenient Love” cast exclusively in cinemas this Nov. 23! 

Watch the full trailers here:  



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