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A peek at Donny and Belle on the set of 'An Inconvenient Love'

Direk Petersen hints at a mapanakit scene of DonBelle! 🥺

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

11/17/2022 in News
A peek at Donny and Belle on the set of 'An Inconvenient Love'

We're inching closer and closer to the "An Inconvenient Love" premiere starring the New Gen phenomenal love team of Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano! 

But before we finally see the film in its full glory, the lead stars dropped some behind-the-scenes shots featuring their characters, the boutique plant shop owner Manny (Donny) and the convenience store clerk Ayef (Belle). 

For her part, Belle shared a series of photos of herself with Donny in an Instagram post on Wednesday, Nov. 17. In the first two snaps, she and Donny can be seen sharing a meal at the convenience store where her character works. The film’s director Petersen Vargas also joined the two in the last photo, where they all appear to be in a discussion. 

"Can’t wait for you guys to see ‘An Inconvenient Love’ showing in cinemas this Nov. 23!!! ONE WEEK TO GO DASURBBB!" Belle stated. 



Meanwhile, Donny shared a separate photo of them both rocking black shirts, also on Nov 17. The two can be seen enjoying what appears to be a fun and light conversation. 



A post shared by Donny Pangilinan (@donny)


But while their first three adorable photos excite us, Direk Petersen seemingly hinted at a painful scene between Donny and Belle in a separate photo he posted on the same day. 

Here, Belle can be seen staring at Donny, while a text written on the photo reads: "In that moment, at least, I was happy." 



"#withyouintheloneliesthour: Ang pangit ng mundo ko. Pero buti na lang dumating ka. #AnInconvenientLove " Direk Petersen stated in his caption. 

Fans immediately flocked the comments section of Direk Petersen’s post, saying they already feel hurt seeing that photo of Donny and Belle. 

“Nasasaktan na agad ako direkkk!” one netizen said. 

“Dapat po ba kaming kiligin dito o maiyak? 😔” another fan commented. 

One fan also jokingly asked: "Ilang balde po ba dapat namin baunin sa sinehan? 🥲" 

Are your hearts ready for this, Bubblies? 

Written by Enrico Santos and Daisy Cayanan, catch "An Inconvenient Love" exclusively in cinemas this Nov. 23! 

Watch the full trailers here:  



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