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Why Belle Mariano sacrificed love in ‘Four Sisters Before the Wedding’

Here’s the reason why Gabbie (Belle) had to let go of the boy she loves.

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

11/16/2022 in News
Why Belle Mariano sacrificed love in ‘Four Sisters Before the Wedding’

If we had to choose one thing that Belle Mariano’s movie characters have in common, it’s that they all deserve the happiness that comes with young love.  


Let us reel it back to when Belle played Gabbie, the ever-responsible and youngest Salazar sister in the 2020 family comedy-drama film “Four Sisters Before the Wedding”.  


There is no question that Gabbie has such a big heart for her family. From praying for her parents’ marriage to wanting her sisters Teddie (Charlie Dizon), Bobbie (Alexa Ilacad) and Alex (Gillian Vicencio) to get along, Gabbie has been a great example of a devoted daughter and caring sister. 




Now, when it comes to love, Gabbie’s the type to adhere to her parents’ “diploma muna, mamaya na jowa” policy. 



And as much as she’s stayed true to being a responsible daughter, Gabbie couldn’t deny that she has grown feelings for her best friend, JP (Jeremiah Lisbo). 



Does JP feel the same way towards Gabbie? Judging by their kilig scenes together, we have every reason to believe he does! In fact, Gabbie felt it too and told all her sisters about it. 




If they have feelings for each other, then a happy ending for their love story doesn’t sound too far-off, right?  


But when Gabbie confessed her feelings for JP, she ended up walking away in tears, heartbroken.  




In the end, JP explained why he couldn’t be with Gabbie, even though the feelings are mutual. In an act of true love and sacrifice, Gabbie supported JP’s decision and let him go.  



Will Belle have the same fate as her character Ayef in the upcoming romantic-comedy “An Inconvenient Love”?  


Directed by Petersen Vargas and written by Enrico Santos and Daisy Cayanan, "An Inconvenient Love" follows the story of Ayef, a convenience store staffer who dreams of becoming an international animator, and Manny (Donny), a boutique plant shop owner by day and secret social activist by night.  


Both believing that love is just another inconvenience, they agree to a contractual love with an expiration date. As the dreaded expiration date nears, will they end their contractual relationship or will love end their inconvenient beliefs?   


We’re close to finding out what becomes of their love story as the film will open in cinemas this Nov. 23! 

You can watch the full trailer of “An Inconvenient Love” here: 












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