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WATCH: The second trailer of ‘An Inconvenient Love’ left us speechless in the best way!

Ayef: “‘Di ba ‘yung love dapat masaya lang?”

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

11/11/2022 in News
WATCH: The second trailer of ‘An Inconvenient Love’ left us speechless in the best way!

Last Oct. 28, we got a preview of Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano’s love story as their respective characters, Manny and Ayef, in the first official trailer of “An Inconvenient Love”, and the world of romantic comedies has never been the same since! 

Well, hold on to the edge of your seats a little tighter because we have the best news for you today: a second full-length trailer for the highly-anticipated DonBelle movie is here! And yes, it’s as nakakakilig and bittersweet as the first one, so prep your tissues as early as now. 

In the trailer, we’re given a closer look at Ayef’s (Belle) creative side as an aspiring animator. In fact, the first few seconds give us the impression that we’re about to watch an animated movie, until it cuts to the scene where Ayef is cozily working on these digital characters in her bedroom. 

Ayef’s digital storyline follows a robot-like character who unexpectedly falls off a cliff after wandering for so long. Another character, who seems warm and full of energy, rescues this befallen character. Are we going to see a parallel between the meet-cutes of Ayef and Manny, and these two animated characters? Does this mean we get to see more of Ayef’s work in the film? We sure hope so!  

Seeing Ayef’s talent makes us root for her to achieve her dream all the more. But the harsh reality sinks in: to get to her goal, she has to deal with the daily challenges of her life as a part-time convenience store clerk in “24Ever”. 

Her daily life’s every hassle can be so predictable and persistent — until a dashing specs-wearing young man enters the store and immediately catches her eye. How could he not when his smile radiates even more before the sunlight like THAT? Well, hello to you too! 😍 

This young man is no other than Manny, the owner of a boutique plant shop near 24Ever. Manny may look unassuming at first, but he’s actually a “rich kid” as per Ayef. Is that all there is to him though? Based on previous teasers about him being a “secret social activist”, we think not! 

As a testament to DonBelle’s oozing onscreen chemistry, we quickly take a liking to Manny and Ayef’s blossoming love story. And when Manny uttered the line, “What if maging tayo?”, we were left absolutely speechless and sent into kilig overdrive. 

You can almost imagine us screaming at the screen for Ayef to say yes. And guess what, she does! BUT on one condition: “Manny, sa October, magbe-break na tayo.” 

Umm, say what now, Ayef?  

Who envisions a breakup even before entering a relationship? How bittersweet is that? But before we could even counter this shocking condition ourselves, Manny appears to know what he’s getting himself into.  

“Looking forward na hindi natin masaktan ang isa’t isa,” he tells Ayef. 

The question is, can they guarantee this? Or will this convenient relationship turn into an inconvenient love? Hmmm. 
Looking forward na hindi niyo rin kami masaktan, Manny and Ayef! 

Ready ka na ba magpa-hassle sa pag-ibig? “An Inconvenient Love”, directed by Petersen Vargas, and written by Enrico Santos and Daisy Cayanan, is set to premiere in cinemas on November 23, 2022. See you there! 

You can watch the full second trailer here: 



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