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Donny Pangilinan, Belle Mariano detail their favorite memories together in ‘Magandang Buhay’

Donny: “‘Yung mga maliit na bagay, it really makes a big difference.”

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

11/11/2022 in News
Donny Pangilinan, Belle Mariano detail their favorite memories together in ‘Magandang Buhay’

Another morning, another chance for Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano to spread kilig with their off-screen chemistry!  

The “An Inconvenient Love” stars shared their favorite bonding moments during their guesting earlier today, Nov. 11, in the morning talk show “Magandang Buhay” hosted by Jolina Magdangal, Melai Cantiveros, and Regine Velasquez. 

After Regine pointed out how traveling together helps co-stars get to know each other better when the cameras aren’t rolling, Donny recounted a particular memory he had with Belle while they were in the United States. 

“One of my favorite moments, nung nag-travel kami, there was this one morning where we just had breakfast together. We walked to a random stand, ‘yung mga nagse-serve ng hotdogs, ‘yung halal food. We just found one randomly, hindi kami nag-search. Sabi na lang namin, wherever we go, dun na lang tayo mag-breakfast,” Donny shared. 

According to Donny, that memory stuck out to him because it allowed them time to “enjoy each other’s company” amid their busy work schedule. 

“Ang ganda lang ng scenery kasi it’s very different. You just get to walk around, enjoy each other’s company, enjoy traveling abroad, which is something we really love doing. Spending time outside of work, kasi I think we still had a show that day,” he explained. 

“Ayun, ‘yung mga maliit na bagay, it really makes a big difference,” he stressed. 

Indeed, it’s the little things that count for so much, because Belle quickly chimed in with her own favorite memory: “I like how he’s so game to shop with me.” 

Aside from shopping, Belle spoke of Donny’s thoughtfulness in as simple as remembering her exact coffee order. 

“I think one thing na super naging memorable for me is that he knows what coffee I like. Like, every morning he’d give me coffee. Kasi I know, throughout the day, magiging cranky ‘yung mood ko ‘pag wala akong kape, pero alam niya,” she admitted. 

Just last week, Donny and Belle promoted their upcoming romance movie in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. When they were not holding fan meets or performing at the "ASAP Natin 'To" show in Las Vegas, DonBelle explored more of what the cities have to offer with their fellow Kapamilya artists. 

“I really wanted her to have a great time kasi first time niyang mag-U.S. her whole life, so I really wanted it to be worth it for her,” Donny told Jolina, Melai, and Regine. 

You can watch the “Magandang Buhay” episode here: 

"An Inconvenient Love" follows the story of Ayef (Belle), a convenience store clerk who dreams of becoming an international animator, and Manny (Donny), a boutique plant shop owner by day and secret social activist by night. Both believing that love is just another inconvenience, they agree to a contractual love with an expiration date. As the dreaded expiration date nears, will they end their contractual relationship or will love end their inconvenient beliefs?  

Directed by Petersen Vargas, and written by Enrico Santos and Daisy Cayanan, “An Inconvenient Love” will premiere in cinemas on Nov. 23! 



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