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FULL MOVIE: Coco and Sarah’s almost-relationship in ‘Maybe This Time’

In the case of Steph (Sarah Geronimo), the heartbreak caused by her first love, Tonio (Coco Martin), never completely went away.

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

10/5/2022 in Videos

Getting ghosted by someone you’ve already fallen for hurts so bad. 

Steph (Sarah Geronimo) knows that feeling all too well when Tonio (Coco Martin), a young man she has developed a blossoming romance with, decides to blindside her and leave without saying goodbye.  

This bitter end was totally unprecedented as their love story started in the sweetest of ways. To begin with, Steph and Tonio come from different backgrounds. Steph is a Manila girl whose passion for community service led her to a small provincial town where Tonio was raised. As they spent more time together, their young love flourished. All seemed to be going well until… Tonio moved away and cut off all contact with Steph. 

Fast forward seven years and the once-heartbroken Steph has moved forward with bigger dreams. But has she completely moved on and forgiven the man who let her down? That’s the question she would have to answer as she crosses paths with Tonio again. 

Directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng, “Maybe This Time” wrestles with questions of love, forgiveness, and the reality of second chances. You can now watch the full movie for FREE on Star Cinema’s official YouTube channel! 

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