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'Boys After Dark' EP 5 recap: All about their past, present, and future

Aljon explains why he looks up to this Team Payaman member

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

10/5/2022 in News
'Boys After Dark' EP 5 recap: All about their past, present, and future

Time to get to know the boys' greatest life lessons and aspirations as they tackled their past, present, and future in the fifth episode of "Boys After Dark"! 

In the episode, Markus Paterson, Anthony Jennings, Jae Miranda, Gello Marquez, and Aljon Mendoza got real about their past mistakes, current career paths, and what they want to achieve in the future as actors. 

As for their past, the boys gave advice to their 16-year-old selves on what they should've done more at that point in time. 

While he's happy with his 16-year-old self, Anthony advised him to just "take it easy." 

The same goes for Markus who learned a lot from his past mistakes when he was 16. "It's amazing the lessons you learn through the mistakes you made. And it's best to make those mistakes early, than later on in life," he stressed. 

Meanwhile at present, Anthony believes that he's already carving his way to stardom. "Ako naman, focus lang din ako sa present. Kung ano 'yung nand'yan, 'yun ang ite-take ko na opportunity. Hindi ko alam, pero at the end of the day, alam ko na magiging maganda 'yun," he said. 

With the uncertainty life brings, TikTok star-turned-artist Jae said that he's more focused on his journey than what the future holds. 

"Two years ago, parang 'di ko inimagine na nandito ako ngayon," he admitted. "Parang one day, nag-aaral ako paano mag-program ng application kasi akala ko 'yun 'yung dream ko for the next coming years and then I end up hosting, doing all these, pa-iba iba rin. It's a journey. Hindi naman porket may stand ka na on one thing, forever ka ng ganun. Magbabago at magbabago yun," he added. 

In terms of the people they look up to, the boys' role models vary from big time entrepreneurs to local content creators. 

For Aljon, he really looks up to Team Payaman's Marlon Velasquez, also known as Junnie Boy, when it comes to being a responsible person. 

"Si Junnie Boy, sobrang happy niya lang, eh yet, responsible siya bilang partner and tatay. Pero most of the time, he doesn't care kung ano sasabihin sa kanya pero may sense talaga lahat ng sinasabi niya," he explained. 

As for Gello, Elon Musk's out-of-the-box thinking made a mark on him. "I saw some clips sa YouTube and 'yung ideas niya, sobrang out of this world. Na it's possible, eh. It's possible sa perang hawak niya, kasi 'diba isa siya sa pinakamayaman ngayon," he shared. 

To wrap up the episode, the boys give a message to their future selves and the women they'll settle with.  

As for Anthony and Jae, they want their future selves to be as good-hearted people as they can be. Aljon and Gello, on the other hand, advised their future selves to never forget to look back where they came from, especially the person they were when they were just starting. 

Meanwhile, Markus only has one wish for himself: to be happy. 

"Live fully, love fully, and put your focus to the right things that will not only benefit you but the loved ones around you. And sana naman you find happiness, ha. Ilang taon ka na Markus, sana masaya ka na," he said. 

As for his future partner, here's what he has to say: "Hindi pa ako ready mag-relationship. Pero when it comes doon sa future liligawan ko, sana nandoon ako sa headspace na tratuhin ka ng tama at sana nandoon ako sa part ng buhay ko na reading-ready ako maging dear future husband mo. And nasa'yo fully ang commitment, pagmamahal, at ang mata ko lang ay para sa'yo." 

Watch the full episode below: 

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