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5 things we love about KathNiel's 'Crazy Beautiful You'

There's more to the 2015 Mae Cruz-Alviar film than giving us kilig!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

10/3/2022 in News
5 things we love about KathNiel's 'Crazy Beautiful You'

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla have had a number of movies together, with each of their projects offering a different level of kilig and emotions. 

Just like in their 2015 romance, "Crazy Beautiful You", we witnessed how Jackie (Kathryn) and Kiko (Daniel) found an unexpected love despite their personalities clashing and emotions coming head-to-head at times. Below, we list more reasons why the Mae Cruz-Alviar film holds a special place in our hearts: 

KathNiel's unmatched dynamic  

No one can portray total opposites with so much kilig the way Kathryn and Daniel did in the film! With their refreshing dynamic as the rebellious girl meets the soft-hearted probinsyano, they made us root for their characters even with their push and pull throughout the movie! 

The heartwarming story of reconciliation 

Jackie and Leah might not have the most ideal mother-and-daughter back story, but they proved there's always room for reconciliation. Upon seeing and understanding where her mother’s absence came from, Jackie learned to accept her wholeheartedly. 

The picturesque setting 

Adding to the overall beauty of the movie was the picturesque location that gave Jackie the peace and serenity she needs. Set in Capas, Tarlac, the movie captivated the hidden beauty of the province and made us want to explore and go on on our own Pinatubo adventure a la Jackie and Kiko! 

A glimpse at the reality of medical missions 

Driving to far-flung areas for medical missions can be daunting and oftentimes exhausting but nothing beats the reward of smiles and gratitude from the local community. In the movie, we saw why Jackie's mom Leah (Lorna Tolentino) kept on doing what she loves despite all the struggle and this act of kindness and selflessness truly melted the heart of her rebellious daughter. 

Jackie's change of heart 

We witnessed Jackie's growth from being the mischievous woman she is to a softhearted one in the movie - all with the help of the right people surrounding her. Surely, it's never too late for a person to change no matter how hopeless the situation might be! 

You can watch the full movie below: 

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