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‘Plate Twists’ EP 2 recap: Adobo beer + honey beer bread pudding

Gillian and Bianca’s beer-infused recipes and heartbreak hugots make a perfect combo!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

10/20/2022 in News
‘Plate Twists’ EP 2 recap: Adobo beer + honey beer bread pudding

Get your pints ready for a brand-new episode of “Plate Twists” hosted by “2 Good 2 Be True” stars Gillian Vicencio and Bianca de Vera! 

Gillian and Bianca came up with easy-to-cook alcohol-infused recipes perfect for when you’re nursing a broken heart, or if you simply want to spice up your favorite comfort food, as seen in the second episode of their newest cooking show on Rise Artists Studio’s official YouTube channel. 

The starring in their beer-tastic menu are the adobo beer, which is the classic Filipino dish adobo cooked with a twist; and honey beer bread pudding with brandy caramel sauce for dessert. 

Bianca kicked off the heartbreak-themed episode by pouring beer over a mixed platter of chocolate bread, wheat bread, and whole-wheat raisin bread. 

“Kapag heartbroken ako or may pinagdadaanan ako, I always look for something sweet para maging happy ako,” she said. 

After sharing her own experience about personal heartbreak, Bianca showed viewers how to cook the cream-and-egg mixture to add to the beer-soaked bread before baking.  

“People come and go, and you have to learn to accept that because life keeps going,” she said about moving on, as she proceeded to make the brandy caramel sauce to go with the pudding. 

You know what goes well with Bianca’s sweet pudding? Gillian’s savory adobo! 

The key thing to remember in recreating Gillian’s take on adobo is to marinate the slices of pork with apple-flavored beer, apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, and garlic for 24 hours. 

In true “Plate Twists” fashion, Gillian related heartbreak to cooking the pork adobo in a pan: “Kailangan natin pakuluin ‘to gaya ng pagkulo ng dugo mo sa ex mo!” 

And just before the girls got to taste their masterpieces, fellow Rise artist River Joseph made a surprise guest appearance and helped them plate their creations. 

You can now watch the full episode here: 

Stay tuned for a brand new “Plate Twists” episode every Wednesday, 7 p.m., and make sure to subscribe to Rise Artists Studio’s YouTube channel for more updates! 


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