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WATCH: Ivana Alawi pranks sister Amira, hides young nephew Gab in gaming arcade

The victim: Amira Alawi. The setting: a busy mall. The pay-off: a whopping P500,000!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

10/20/2022 in News
WATCH: Ivana Alawi pranks sister Amira, hides young nephew Gab in gaming arcade

For the first time ever, Ivana Alawi pulled a panic-inducing prank on her eldest sister Amira by making her believe that her young son, Gabriel, has gone missing. 

Ivana, who will be starring in the upcoming comedy movie “Partners In Crime”, committed the ultimate crime of bringing her sister into a frenzied state of worry, as seen in the actress’ YouTube vlog on Oct. 19. 

While the prank may appear a bit too extreme for some, Ivana had good intentions: to surprise Amira, who is a single mother, with a cash gift of P500,000. 

“Excited ako kasi first time ko siya isu-surprise na may cash. Actually, inisip ko kung bagay ba or kotse. Pero ayaw kasi niya ng kotse. Hindi talaga siya mahilig mag-drive,” Ivana told viewers. 

To successfully pull off the stunt, Ivana joined forces with her mother, Fatima Marbella, her younger sister Mona, and her older brother Hash. While filming, it seemed like everyone was in on the joke, except for Amira, of course. 

Ivana managed to hide Gab while Amira was getting her hair done in a salon. This required some timing from Ivana since Amira initially would not let go of her son. 

“Hindi niya alam na dinukot na namin agad ‘yung anak, binigay namin sa tita,” she said, referring to a relative who took care of the kid while in hiding and playing in a gaming arcade, in the mall. 

Once her salon appointment was finished, Amira proceeded to a restaurant where Ivana and their whole family were waiting to stage the prank. 

Amira immediately noticed her son’s absence and asked where he was, only to be met with serious and puzzled looks from her family. 

Mama Alawi, who was initially doubtful if she can pull off the prank, gave some masterclass-level of acting by blaming Amira for the incident. Ivana caused Amira to worry all the more by looking her in the eye and asking, “Why would you do that to your son? Why would you leave him?” 

This was when Amira started to break down in tears, with Ivana doubling down by saying that the CCTV showed a guy wearing a black jacket taking Gab.  

Soon enough, Ivana called for the kid and revealed that it was all just a prank, which obviously flooded Amira with a sense of relief. After holding her son in a tight embrace, Amira received the surprise of her life as Ivana gifted her with P500,000, money she could use for Gabriel’s future. What a sweet ending after all that stress! 

You can watch the full vlog here: 


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