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3 reasons to watch Melai Cantiveros go wacky and wild in ‘The Adventures of Pureza’

Melai as Pura Buraot is the comedy queen we never knew we needed!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

10/19/2022 in News
3 reasons to watch Melai Cantiveros go wacky and wild in ‘The Adventures of Pureza’

If there’s someone who deserves the title “Queen of the Riles”, that’s no other than Pura Buraot (Melai Cantiveros). 

Though Pura grew up poor by the railroad tracks, she’s not one to give up easily, especially when it comes to providing for her brother (Martin del Rosario). Her life goes through a series of twists and turns when she embarks on a life-threatening mission with her best friend Ruben (Jason Francisco) under the command of wicked Mother Baby/Mother Greedy (Gina Pareño).  

We rounded up three reasons why you need to add this adventure-packed comedy movie to your watchlist now. 

1. Melai is sure to make you laugh out loud. 

Just like Pura, who is willing to do anything for the sake of her brother’s well-being, Melai brings all her comedic prowess to the table for an all-out performance you won’t forget. With her signature facial expressions and her knack for flawless line delivery, Melai will make you want to see more of Pura’s adventures. 

2. Each twist and turn of Pura’s adventures will have you on the edge of your seat. 

From one scene to the next, there’s never a dull moment when Melai transforms on the big screen. We cannot even begin to count the costumes Melai donned in this movie, but we’re not complaining because that just adds more dimension to her appeal. And just you wait until Pura meets her biological mother Purisima (Pokwang). That’s another adventure worth watching. 

3. MelaSon’s chemistry is undeniable. 

There’s no better partner-in-adventure for Melai’s character than that of her then-real-life boyfriend (now husband!) Jason with whom she has such palpable on-screen chemistry. As her loyal best friend who is secretly in love with her, Ruben gives Pura his unconditional support throughout the insane ups and downs of her quest. 



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