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Donny Pangilinan headlines short film about anti-human trafficking

Donny plays the brother of a human trafficking survivor who fell into depression after she was rescued.

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

10/12/2022 in News
Donny Pangilinan headlines short film about anti-human trafficking

Donny Pangilinan is starring in a short film that aims to raise awareness on the recovery and reintegration of human trafficking survivors to society. 

According to an article by ABS-CBN News, the short film titled "Graduation", written and directed by international filmmaker, Dean Colin Marcial, follows the story of a young woman (Nourijune Hooshmand) who fell into depression after she survived human trafficking. 

But with the help of her brother, played by Donny, she was able to slowly recuperate from the illness. 

Being an anti-human trafficking advocate himself, the "An Inconvenient Love" actor said he did not have second thoughts doing the project knowing the brilliant minds who are part of it. 

“When Dean accepted to go through this project, alongside Nour, it’s not something I had to think twice about,” Donny said. “I specifically chose to do this. I really believe this is something we needed to do.” 

"Graduation" was actually conceptualized by Dean with Called to Rescue Philippines (CTR PH) advocacy head, Abby Anciano, and CTR PH president ,Anthony Pangilinan, who believe that the reintegration of anti-human trafficking survivors to society is just as important as when they are rescued. 

“Bakit hanggang rescue na lang? 'Yung after-rescue rin kailangan. [This project] was out of frustration for me, and is one of the reasons I decided to do this,” Anthony explained.

“Our main focus [was on a] survivor’s reintegration into society. It’s something that I drew on, something Donny and Nourijune drew on as well,” Dean added.  

More than their path to recovery, CTR PH also hopes to draw attention to the survivors' post-rescue challenges, as well as promote the collective role of community in addressing their needs, supporting their rehabilitation process, and cultivating a safe space for their ongoing journey of healing.   

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