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Pia Wurtzbach opens up about recovery from COVID-19

“I don‘t wanna sound preachy but let’s not be selfish and go breaking protocols, hoarding supplies, refusing to get tested and vaccinated.”

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

1/7/2022 in News
Pia Wurtzbach opens up about recovery from COVID-19

Beauty queen-actress Pia Wurtzbach recently revealed that she is now in recovery after suffering from COVID-19.

The Miss Universe 2015 titleholder wrote a lengthy Instagram post on January 7, detailing how she caught the virus, how her family’s doing, and what she thinks people could learn from her experience.

“I caught COVID here in the UK even though I’ve been fully vaccinated and received my booster shot already,” Pia admitted. “Kumpleto din ako ng flu and pneumonia vaccines. I eat healthy and I’m active, but I still got it.”

“I got all the symptoms too. Fever, sore throat, body pain, runny rose, cough, and I also lost my sense of smell and taste. It’s not like a regular cold or flu that goes away after a few days. I’ve never been sick for this long, which lasted more than a week,” she detailed.

As of writing, she is in isolation with her sister Sarah Wurtzbach who also contracted COVID-19. According to Pia, they are both in recovery.

She explained, “I’m one day away into completing isolation with my sister, Sarah Wurtzbach who also caught it. We both tested negative already, thank God. The worst is through. I am recovering well. I am beyond grateful my parents are safe. ‘Di sila nahawa sa ‘kin.”

After sharing the status of her health, Pia took the time to remind her followers about the realities of living through a pandemic. She also emphasized the importance of following health and safety protocols even though people are vaccinated.

“Guys, COVID is so real. My timeline shows that many have/had it too, both in the Philippines and abroad. And the numbers are going up exponentially,” she pressed.

Pia further urged people to be extra careful, saying, “Please take this seriously ‘cause anyone can get it, no matter how healthy you are. Being fully vaccinated doesn’t stop you from getting the virus but it helps you overcome it.”

“Please follow health and safety protocols. I think it’s the moment you put your guard down, doon ka mahahawa," she added. "You think you’re safe and usually ‘yung makakahalubilo mo walang symptoms. Akala mo all is well. Pero, nahawa ka na pala at may possibility na maipasa mo sa iba nang ‘di mo alam. It seems easy for anyone to just break protocols and still go out even when they know they tested positive. Feeling nila, ‘di sila mahuhuli or wala namang nagbabantay. I’ve personally seen other people do this."

Calling attention to having “personal accountability,” Pia stressed that this is not the time for anyone to be selfish: “Meron pa diyan, may symptoms na and have the means to get tested pero ayaw nilang ma-confirm na may COVID sila, ta’s lalabas pa rin. Naku, konsensiya niyo nalang ‘yan. Konting personal accountability, please. Ang dami nang nagkasakit.

“I don‘t wanna sound preachy but let’s not be selfish and go breaking protocols, hoarding supplies, refusing to get tested and vaccinated. I hope we can start 2022 right. Let’s look after one other by getting those jabs, staying in isolation if needed, stop gathering in big groups, frequent hand washing, and please wear those masks properly,” she asserted.



Last December, Pia spent the holidays with her family in the United Kingdom.

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