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Celebrities greet Francine Diaz on her 18th birthday

Francine also received a bouquet of roses from "The Squad Plus" members Ashton and Analain Salvador.

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

1/28/2022 in News
Celebrities greet Francine Diaz on her 18th birthday

As darling debutante Francine Diaz turned 18 on January 27, her showbiz friends and fellow artists showered her with so much love!

Francine’s BFF Jayda dedicated an Instagram post for the “Bola Bola” star: “Happy 18th birthday to this ghorl, a true Aquarian/January baby, and a true best friend through and through.”

The singer continued, “My wish for you is that you always remember, that even if you’re busy, or investing your time and heart in caring about other people, it’s okay to put yourself first sometimes, and make decisions that will be best for you and your life. You deserve to be happy ❤️”

Jayda reminded Francine that she’ll always be by her side no matter what happens and reiterated her unconditional love for the actress.

“Know that I’ll always be here for you through thick and thin! just like you are with me 🙏🏻 I love you, kahit minsan umaabot ka ng mga 2 weeks bago ka mag reply at dinededma mo mga tawag ko (wag mo ng ideny, alam ko na at naiintindihan ko yun HAHA) And also...coaches don’t play talaga 😉@francinesdiaz lammonayun,” she captioned.



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More celebrities, including Francine’s on-screen partner Kyle Echarri, actresses Dimples Romana and Jane de Leon, and singers Zephanie and Sam Cruz, greeted the birthday girl on their Instagram Stories.

"Happy birthday @francinesdiaz!!! I love your background here btw,” Kyle posted along with a clip of Francine on the “ASAP Natin ‘To” stage.

Meanwhile, her “Kadenang Ginto” co-star Dimples wrote a touching post for the actress: "Chinnnnnn. Missing you extra today my baby! From sisters in 'KG' to becoming my daughter in 'HKM', time flew by so quickly with us, but so many beautiful memories together. Praying you'll enjoy God's grace and bountiful blessings in the coming years. Date soon. Love you!!! - Ate and Mama"

“Happy birthday bebe girl @francinesdiaz,” Jane sent to Francine.

For her part, Zephanie posted a throwback pic of her and Francine with a special caption: “Happy birthday Chin!!! Pls ang tagal na nung last time na nakita natin ‘yung isa’t isa. When ulit??? Anyway, 18 na siyaaaa. I pray that you’re always guided by the Lord and your loved ones. Wishing you all the best in the new chapter of your life! Imy and ily! 😚💚”

“Happy birthday Chin! See u soon squadmate!” posted by Sam, Francine’s fellow “The Squad Plus” artist.

Francine also posted a bouquet of roses she received from celebrity siblings Ashton and Analain Salvador, relaying a simple thank you to them.

Happy birthday, Francine!

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