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Janine Gutierrez, ‘jojowain o totropahin’ si Paulo Avelino?

Janine to Paulo: “Pinakasalan na nga kita eh.”

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

1/27/2022 in News
Janine Gutierrez, ‘jojowain o totropahin’ si Paulo Avelino?

Fans of “Marry Me, Marry You” co-stars Paulo Avelino and Janine Gutierrez were sent into kilig overdrive during an online fundraising activity by ABS-CBN for Typhoon Odette victims.

As part of the livestream event’s “Truth or Dare” challenge, Paulo gave Janine a call to ask her the million-dollar question posed by their viewers in Kumu: “Type mo daw ba ako?”

Janine chuckled as she replied, “Tawag ka ulit ‘pag umabot ng 2 million (diamonds).”

“Sasagutin mo na ako pag umabot ng 2 million?” countered Paulo, who previously informed Janine that they already hit the one-million mark.

“Isipin ko, isipin ko,” the actress vaguely answered.

Thanks to the viewers, the event garnered 2 million diamonds, which prompted Paulo to call Janine a second time.

He straightforwardly asked Janine, “Jojowain ba o totropahin mo daw ba ako?” 

“Pinakasalan na nga kita eh,” a giggly Janine quipped, referring to their characters’ wedding in “Marry Me, Marry You.”

Eventually, Janine spilled her final answer: “Dahil naka-2 million kayo, jojowain.”

You can watch their full conversation below:

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