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4 Instagram hunks who are double tap-worthy

Their sexy photos do not come with a warning! 🔥

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

1/24/2022 in News
4 Instagram hunks who are double tap-worthy

The internet knows that there’s no shortage of gorgeous faces and fitness influencers on Instagram. It’s definitely the place to look if you want to gain some fitspiration, connect with like-minded people, or simply scout for eye candy. 

From our last visit to the platform, we’ve seen a rise of hunk influencers with bodies sculpted like Greek gods taking over the Instagram scene. And hey, we’re not complaining! 

So gear up for a liking spree as we’ve compiled a list of male models whose Instagram feeds will make you flood them with double taps:

Liam Tavita (@liamtavita)

You can chalk Liam’s unique look up to his divine Japanese-Kiwi genes, but this model also brings his passion for fitness to the table. Allow your feeds to be blessed by his heart-melting gaze and latest adventures. We’ll gladly do it for you.



A post shared by 龍安 (@liamtavita)




A post shared by 龍安 (@liamtavita)


Mark Stephen Cuizon (@itsmarkstephen)

One look at Mark Stephen’s Instagram bio and you can already tell he is one passionate renaissance man. So for sure, you’ll never run out of content to like on his feed. Plus, he’s also got a perfectly toned bod. What more can you ask for?





Joshua de Leon (@supremo_jdl)

Long-haired stunner Joshua lets his photos speak for themselves. By the looks of it, he loves the outdoors, cozy loungewear, and modelling. It doesn’t hurt that the camera loves him back. Definitely worth a follow!





Ryan Aaron Balila (@ryanbalila)

Make sure to breathe before you give Ryan a follow, because he’ll absolutely take your breath away. Ryan’s feed is filled with modelling photos featuring his heart-stopping stare and chiseled triceps, yet we still can’t get enough! Double taps all the way.





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