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COMPILED: Celebrities with modern families

Jodi, Iwa, and Pampi have the healthiest co-parenting relationship!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

1/23/2022 in News
COMPILED: Celebrities with modern families

Modern family setups may come off as a new idea to some, but it is what works for some celebrity families in showbiz.

Here, we listed down some stars with modern families and how they've embraced and adapted to the non-traditional parenting setup:

Andi Eigenmann, Philmar Alipayo, and Jake Ejercito



It's no secret that Andi Eigenmann and her fiance Philmar Alipayo have kids from their previous relationships. Andi has a daughter with Jake Ejercito named Ellie, while Philmar has two sons from her ex-girlfriend named Toro and Kanoa.



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Now peacefully living in Siargao with their children, Andi and Philmar have learned to treat each other's kids as their own. They have even established a healthy co-parenting setup with Jake who gets to take Ellie in Manila from time to time.

Sunshine Cruz and Macky Mathay



Sunshine Cruz met her boyfriend Macky Mathay four years after she separated from her ex-husband Cesar Montano. They both have three kids from their previous marriages, who have also grown closer together.

Since Macky has been spending most of his time with Sunshine and his three daughters Angelica, Sam, and Chesca, he has also stood as their second father, even attending their PTA meetings at school and even graduations.

Angel Locsin and Neil Arce



Angel Locsin doesn't mind being a stepmother to her husband Neil Arce's 14-year-old son Joaquin from his previous relationship. In fact, she's happy to be in this "modern family" kind of setup, with Joaquin fondly calling her Tita.



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“Hindi ko naman sinisingit 'yung sarili ko sa picture. I am happy na tawagin akong Tita Angel. Wala akong problema doon. Kung tawagin niya ako ng kahit ano, walang problema sa akin," Angel said in one of Karen Davila's podcast episodes.

Jodi Sta. Maria, Iwa Moto, and Pampi Lacson



Jodi and Pampi were married for five years when they separated. Now, Pampi is in a long-term relationship with Iwa, while Jodi is currently dating Raymart Santiago.

Throughout the years, Jodi, Pampi, and Iwa have formed a modern family, with Jodi even being the Ninang of Pampi and Iwa's son. They also bonded together and went on pre-pandemic travels -- proving how much love and understanding there is among them.

Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay



Prior to their wedding last November 2021, it's already known that Ellen and Derek have sons from their previous relationships. Both kids are currently living under their roof, but Elias gets to stay with his dad John Lloyd Cruz from time to time. The actor even personally picks him up from the Ramsay residence when he gets the chance! 

Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo



Jennylyn and Dennis both have teenage sons from their previous partners, Patrick Garcia and Carlene Aguilar, respectively. They are both close with each other's sons who also join them in various trips and family gatherings. Now, the couple are expecting their own child together, a little baby girl.

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