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LOOK: Nadine Lustre sports new dragon tattoo

Nadine’s new ink is 100% fierce 🐉

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

1/21/2022 in News
LOOK: Nadine Lustre sports new dragon tattoo

Nadine Lustre is officially the girl with a dragon tattoo.

As reported by ABS-CBN News on January 21, the “Beauty and the Bestie” actress got her biggest ink to date: a black slithering dragon on the back of her upper right arm.

Inked by Vimana Tattoo’s Bowie Linga, Nadine’s new tatt was featured in Beth Barocaboc-Linga’s Facebook page on January 20. 

Shortly thereafter, the photos quickly made rounds online, with netizens calling Nadine “the girl with a dragon tattoo,” in reference to the 2011 neo-noir film by David Fincher.

Nadine’s visit to the tattoo parlor located in Quezon City was also documented on Vimana Tattoo’s Instagram Story. Incidentally, Nadine got her ink done on the same day as Andrea Brillantes.

The dragon tattoo is the latest addition to Nadine’s ever-growing tattoo collection. The actress, who’s always been a huge fan of tattoos, now has around 13 in total. 

“I see tattoos as a work of art. It's the story of a person,” she previously said in an interview with dermatologist Dr. Aivee Teo.

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