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Here’s why KD Estrada calls Alexa Ilacad 'sweetie' and 'baby'

KD described Alexa as someone who’s constant in his life “no matter who comes and goes”

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

1/20/2022 in News
Here’s why KD Estrada calls Alexa Ilacad 'sweetie' and 'baby'

KD Estrada’s fondness of Alexa Ilacad, his former “Pinoy Big Brother: Kumunity Season 10” housemate is evident in the way he talks about her.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News on January 19, KD expressed his appreciation for the “special” bond that he shares with Alexa, with whom he shares the ship name “KDLex” given by their fans.

“She became one of my first friends inside the house talaga because I’ve opened up to her about what I was feeling. Turns out, she was going through similar stuff,” he recalled.

“Magka-wavelength lang kami, in the sense na even if we don’t talk, like we’re just looking at the stars, it’s not awkward,” he later added.

KD admitted that he shares Alexa’s sentiments when it comes to their friendship in that they are each other’s “greatest takeaway” from “PBB.”

“She’s my greatest takeaway in 'PBB'. I’ll always treasure what me and Lex have. I’ll always treasure Lex,” he said candidly.

“That’s what’s healthy about me and Lex, we feed off each other talaga. We’re each other’s support system. We can do well on our own, but we’re stronger together. It’s just so nice having that kind of person in your life. Someone you can always rely on, someone you know where that person is always going to be there for you no matter what, no matter who comes and goes in your life,” he spoke fondly of Alexa.

One proof of how their friendship grew inside the house is when KD changed his terms of endearment for Alexa from “ate” to “sweetie” and “baby.” According to KD, he calls Alexa these nicknames because it’s how he “genuinely feels.”

"I just started using the terms sweetie and baby not just kay Lex, but Lex is a special case,” KD explained. “I used it for Shanaia (Gomez). I used it for Samantha (Bernardo). But I don't know with Lex, it's more special, because that's what I actually genuinely feel. Love ko talaga si Alexa eh. She’s always been there eh.”

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