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Dimples Romana gives daughter Callie her own place

Dimples’ “ultimate gift” to Callie is the freedom to make her own life choices.

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

1/19/2022 in News
Dimples Romana gives daughter Callie her own place

Dimples Romana is one proud mom as her teenage daughter Callie is now set to start living independently.

On January 18, Dimples took to Instagram to share the wonderful news that her 18-year-old daughter now has the keys to her first home.

She announced in the caption, “Sharing with you a milestone we’re super proud of 🥰 Ate is now officially a young independent woman 😂 entrepreneur, college student, future pilot/beauty queen & supermodel (Tama naman! Never limit yourself right ate?)”

“Ate gets the keys to her very FIRST personal space, her own little home that she’s going to live in for a few months to practice - sleeping alone, cooking on her own, looking out for herself, cleaning up etc before she actually leaves for (Australia) 🇦🇺 to live and study there. Yes we are kicking her out! Joke,” Dimples explained.

Enabling Callie to start the next chapter of her life as an independent woman is a big deal for Dimples who shared that she and husband Boyet Ahmee made sure they were prepared to support their daughter’s life choices.

“It’s no secret that @papaboyetonline and I married young and had Ate Callie young too but many wonder WHY we waited 12 long years to decide to have another child (si Alonzo) and the main reason for that ay NAG-IPON muna kami. We wanted to give Callie a life that was not extravagant, just simple but had everything she needs and maybe here and there a family trip to a place we’ve all never been to, a nice adventure, a hobby and then some 🍩” she said.

“And when we felt kahit papano we have already prepared enough for when this time comes that we had to give her our ULTIMATE gift to her as parents, the FREEDOM to CHOOSE her own path in college, as an adult, as a woman, maibibigay na namin, that’s the only time we decided to have our Alonzo,” she continued.

Dimples then addressed Callie, saying, “And what a joyous blessing for dad @boyetahmee and I to be able to give you this moment Ate, a moment that you can already put into application every virtue and moral value we have taught you since you were a kid, every dream and hope we have encouraged in your heart in the hopes that YOU, YOURSELF will find exactly what it is that will make your heart skip lots of beats, and be at your HAPPIEST 🍦”

“Gusto ko sabihin na dito ka na lang, pick a safer choice, one that will secure you, a good one but not necessarily one that you WANT, BUT DAD & I will NOT DO that to you. Only you can account for your happiness, so if that means we’ll have to wait here, patiently & eagerly, be away from you so you can GROW & LIVE FREELY and know how the outside world feels like, discover what beauty and kindness you can offer it, like what we said, WE’LL BE RIGHT HERE WHERE YOU WILL LEAVE US 🧁🥰 Rice is ready when you come home 😆” she added.



Callie is currently taking Bachelor of Business Major in Aviation Management at Southern Cross University in Australia. 

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