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Bianca Gonzalez 'graduates' from COVID-19

Bianca also shared a handful of tips for those who are currently in isolation

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

1/19/2022 in News
Bianca Gonzalez 'graduates' from COVID-19

Bianca Gonzalez and her family have recovered from COVID-19 after suffering mild symptoms.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the "Pinoy Big Brother" host opened up about her family's bout with the virus, and how she dealt with being in isolation for the past few days.

"Spent the last few days in isolation like many of you who are isolating too. It hit our home as well, and thankfully, everyone hit had mild symptoms, and we have all 'graduated' and are healthy and well," she wrote.

"To anyone who is isolating now with mild symptoms or is asymptomatic, if you're feeling a bit restless or anxious, I feel yoooou," she added, as she listed down some tips for those who are currently experiencing the same.



Among the tips she shared were establishing a routine and getting enough sleep.

"Di naman kailangan todo schedule, but some sort of routine or flow to your day that will help you feel like you have control of something, in the middle of everything beyond our control, helps."

She continued, ""Enough" sleep is different for everyone, but try as much as you can to sleep straight at night. Too much sleep can make you feel heavy, too little sleep won't help you get the energy you need to recover."

Bianca also emphasized how getting some sun and keeping in touch with your "batchmates" can also help in alleviating the situation.

"Get some sun, if you can. Outside your door, by the window, if you have access to it, getting morning sun and that natural Vitamin D is so good for you ☀️"

"It was oddly comforting to be messaging with friends who were also isolating. Makes you feel like you are in it together."

Lastly, Bianca encouraged those who are isolated to try, learn, or at least do something new to help you get your mind off things.

"Try/learn/do something different or new, yung talagang unrelated to your work, anything that can give you a different point of view that can help get your mind off worrying and more into this new thing you're figuring out."

She then ended her post with a reminder to everyone, "Hang in there, you got this! 🤍 Sa mga nalagpasan din ito, happy graduation sa atin!!! ⭐"

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