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Morissette shares COVID-19 ordeal with fiance Dave Lamar

Morissette is currently in recovery after being hospitalized due to diverticulitis.

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

1/17/2022 in News
Morissette shares COVID-19 ordeal with fiance Dave Lamar

Morissette Amon and her fiance Dave Lamar have contracted COVID-19.

The singer shared her experience in an Instagram post on Sunday, January 16, chronicling their journey on how 2022 has been for them so far.

Morissette said she and Dave only suffered flu-like symptoms, but she had to be rushed to the hospital due to a colon condition.

"For the past week, I was confined in the hospital since Sunday evening. both @davejlamar and I tested positive for Covid with mild flu-like symptoms, but I was admitted due to an issue in my colon called Diverticulitis. I had to take several IV medications which unfortunately triggered my super bad headaches then lead to vomiting.. I couldn't even eat 'cause I'd just throw it all up," she wrote.



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The singer was discharged over the weekend with "lots of meds to take," although she assured that she's now feeling "a whole lot better."

Thank God for DJ who was discharged earlier but stayed in the hospital room with me to keep me company, we would just play Pinoy Henyo ('cause it somewhat didn't require me using a phone that also triggered my migraines) to pass the time. I'm still on the road to recovery but feeling a whole lot better now," she added.

Dave also gave an update on his Facebook page, sharing photos of him and Morissette in the hospital.

"What a crazy year this week has been! All I can say is thank you Jesus for your strength," he captioned.

The two are now just finishing their quarantine at home.

Morissette and Dave announced their engagement in December 2020, which originally took place in September of the same year.

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