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‘I’ll have to think of myself’: Jodi Sta. Maria shares how she would handle infidelity in a marriage

Jodi firmly believes that walking away from a pattern of infidelity is the right decision.

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

1/14/2022 in News
‘I’ll have to think of myself’: Jodi Sta. Maria shares how she would handle infidelity in a marriage

Several days before audiences worldwide get to watch Jodi Sta. Maria play Dr. Jill Ilustre in “The Broken Marriage Vow,” the actress delved into her own take on infidelity, one of the show’s central themes.

In her solo media conference on January 14, Jodi expressed her opinion on whether to leave your partner or not in the event they become unfaithful to you.

“It would really depend. If the infidelity was a result of a really bad decision or 'honest mistake' siguro pwede kong mabigyan ng another chance ‘yung asawa ko,” she answered.

“But if I see that this is a continuing toxic pattern and hindi na lang siya pagkakamali pero talagang deliberately ginagawa niya then I think I’ll have to think of myself, I’ll have to think of my child, and walk away from the relationship,” she further asserted.

In portraying her betrayed and vengeful character in the series, Jodi revealed that she had to unleash the “gigil" by sometimes using her own experiences as points of reference. 

“For some of the scenes alam mo ‘yung kahit papano may reference ka eh, kung ano ‘yung paggagamitan mo. Sometimes may mga scenes na very close to home na pwede mong magamit. But syempre as an actor, for me ang challenging doon is that when something is super close to home, I have a tendency to react as myself, but I am not as 'Jodi' in the 'Broken Marriage Vow.' I can just use that experience and then react the way Jill would react,” she explained.

The actress mentioned that she also employed the Meisner technique, as taught by her acting teacher Angeli Bayani, which is an acting approach that focuses on reacting spontaneously to the stimuli provided by fellow actors.

If we're talking about "gigil," we'd have to look no further than an intense scene that stunned viewers who have seen the show’s trailer: the “pambabatok” face-off between Jodi and Sue Ramirez’s characters.

Jodi admitted that she was a bundle of nerves before filming the scene, but it turned out to be one of her favorites!

“Pag may ganung kalalaking eksena, nakakakaba talaga eh, kasi alam mo na talagang pwede kang masaktan. Kailangang magawa mo nang tama kasi kung hindi uulitin mo din, ‘di ba? So doble sakit pa ‘yun,” she said.

“I remember kinakabahan si Sue kasi ayaw niya talaga na mabatukan ako. Pero sabi ko sa kanya 'Sue, it’s okay. Sige, gawin mo.' Sabi ko sa kanya dito mo ko tatamaan sa mataas, huwag dito sa ilalim, baka mahimatay ako, sensitive ‘yang part na ‘yan eh,” she recalled.

Don’t miss Jodi as Dra. Jill Ilustre on the premiere of "The Broken Marriage Vow" this January 24 on Kapamilya Primetime Bida at 8:45 PM!

You can watch the trailer here:

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