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Maxene Magalona shares throwback wedding photos to honor the 'most special women' in her life

Maxene dedicated her recent Instagram posts to her mom Pia and mother-in-law Millet ❤

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

1/12/2022 in News
Maxene Magalona shares throwback wedding photos to honor the 'most special women' in her life

Amid speculations of split with husband Rob Mananquil, Maxene Magalona marked their fourth wedding anniversary on Tuesday, January 11, by dedicating posts to the women of her life.

On Instagram, the actress shared a photo of her trying on her gorgeous wedding dress for the first time. She said she had her mother-in-law Millet Mananquil to thank for making her dream of wearing a Vera Wang dress on her wedding day come true.



Maxene then thanked Millet not just for always making her happy, but also for loving and accepting her.

"I just want to offer her my sincere gratitude for being the kind, generous and selfless soul that she has always been to the lucky people in her life," said Maxene. "We have all been touched and moved by her and I just want to post this photo so that she can see how happy she has always made me. I’m so blessed that I met her and felt her love and acceptance from the very beginning. ✨"

As much as she's grateful for her mother-in-law, Maxene also had her mom, Pia Magalona, to thank for making her bridal shower at Tiffany's possible along with the "most special women" in her life.

Maxene then shared some throwback photos from her fun and classy bridal shower, as she expressed her utmost gratitude to her mother.



"To be able to have a bridal shower at @tiffanyandco with the most special women in my life was such a sweet treat. 🍬 Thank you so much to my Mom @piamagalona for organizing this for me," Maxene wrote.

"Life is never perfect but the love that we have for other souls can be. We can love others the way Jesus loved and died on the cross for us. We can choose to love others the way God loves us—perfectly and wholly. 🤍"

"I see each and every one of you and appreciate you for the love that you shared with me. I am truly grateful and honored. God bless you all ✨" she added.

Prior to her dedication posts, Maxene also shared pics with her wedding entourage last January 8, as she left this sweet reminder in the caption: "Happily ever laughter! Make sure to hug your loved ones extra tight today and just keep laughing! 😂🤗🥰"



Maxene has yet to confirm the separation rumors with her husband, whom she unfollowed on Instagram. It also of note that she dropped "Mananquil" from her name on social media.

The two tied the knot in 2018.

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