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THROWBACK: Kathryn's birthday party as Mara from 'Mara Clara'

Aww, these throwback photos of Kathryn and Dimples together bring so much nostalgia! 💕

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

1/11/2022 in News
THROWBACK: Kathryn's birthday party as Mara from 'Mara Clara'

Dimples Romana took a trip down the memory lane with one of her beloved TV daughters Kathryn Bernardo from the 2010 series "Mara Clara."

On Tuesday, January 11, the actress-host shared some unseen throwback photos from one of the most unforgettable scenes in the teleserye where Mara, played by Kathryn, celebrated her 16th birthday.

"Going through my old photos from projects I’ve done years ago, and thought I’d share these unseen photos of us and my baby @bernardokath 💞 during one of the biggest scenes we’ve shot for Mara Clara (Remake) 😉" she wrote.



"Kath would’ve been maybe 15 or 16? 💞 so dreamy and always so beautiful ☺️

Proud of you always babe! ☺️"

The "Viral Scandal" star also expressed how proud she is of Kathryn who remained down to earth from their first meeting.

"Proud of you always babe! ☺️ So happy seeing you soar so high and yet still have the same sweet, humble and grounded vibe from when we were all just babies haha 🥰 Love you! Morning! 🌸" she added.

Dimples also said she'll be sharing more unseen photos from her previous projects in the future.

While it's been more than a decade since their last TV project, Dimples has remained very close with Kathryn as well as her other TV daughter Julia Montes, who played Clara in the series.

The three of them even had a mini-reunion in January 2021 with Dimples calling Kathryn and Julia her "sisters."



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