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WATCH: Vice Ganda uncovers ‘dirty secrets’ in Vicki Belo’s ‘stage house’

Meme Vice also taught Dra. Vicki how to use a mosquito coil 👏

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

1/10/2022 in News
WATCH: Vice Ganda uncovers ‘dirty secrets’ in Vicki Belo’s ‘stage house’

Celebrity house tours aren’t all glitz and glamour. Sometimes they’re pure fun and entertainment! 

In Vice Ganda’s YouTube vlog premiered on January 6, celebrity dermatologist Dra. Vicki Belo gave the comedian a never-before-seen tour of her “stage house” in Makati City.

Dra. Vicki calls the residence her “stage house” as she and her family live in a separate home which she keeps away from the public eye. This house is where she films her vlogs, TikTok videos, and other projects.

The first thing that welcomed Vice in Dra. Vicki’s 16-year-old home is a fabulous “Sugar Plum Fairy”-themed Christmas tree which was decorated by US-based company Glitterville Studios.

As they continued touring the house, Vice made a hilarious discovery in one of the four rooms where a portion of Dra. Vicki’s shoe collection was stored.

“Ang daming sapatos! Bakit ang daming sapatos? Ilan ba paa mo? Octopus ka ba?” Vice quipped.

It wasn’t long before Vice spotted a dusty electric fan next to a clothing rack, prompting roast comments to the cosmetic surgeon and a brief tutorial on how to clean fans.

Afterwards, Dra. Vicki went on to show Vice the master bedroom, where Vice coincidentally spotted a piece of men’s underwear underneath one of the pillows. All in good fun, they tossed the underwear back and forth in disgust and with much laughter.

Randomly, Vice also found a custom massage bed, a spanking rod used for children, and a box of mosquito coils (which Dra. Vicki admittedly doesn’t know how to use) in the room.

Despite the funny shenanigans, Vice said that he learned so much about Dra. Vicki because of the house raid.

“Kahit dito pa lang tayo sa kwarto, marami na akong nadiskubre about you. This is a house full of shoes and dresses and wardrobe,” Vice said on a serious note.

You can watch the full vlog here:

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