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Anak ni Sheryn Regis, suportado ang kanyang pagiging lesbian

Sweety Echiverri: "Love is free, and you are free, mom. I’m proud of you."

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

1/10/2022 in News
Anak ni Sheryn Regis, suportado ang kanyang pagiging lesbian

Sheryn Regis officially came out to the public last December, along with the news of her relationship with vlogger Mel De Guia.

While it was only recently that she became open about her sexuality, the singer revealed that her ex-husband Earl Echiverri and their 18-year-old daughter Lourdes "Sweety" Echiverri knew about this for quite some time already.

"She was 11 that time when I told her 'I’m not straight, Sweety.' She grew up sa America and sabi niya, ‘Oh well, I knew it, mommy! But it doesn’t make you less of a person, it doesn’t make you less of a mom’," Sheryn recalled in an interview on Ogie Diaz's vlog.

For Earl's part, Sheryn became vulnerable about her true feelings about hiding her identity for so long. She told him, "I’m living a lie. Not just to you, not just to the family, lie sa sarili ko. Kasi dine-deny ko."

Surprisingly, her ex-husband actually supported her in her decision to come out.

"Parang na-feel na niya," she recalled. "Kasi hindi kami naging normal na pamilya. I became selfish in a way na hindi ako naging asawa, pero naging ina.”

Fast forward to the present, Sheryn is now happy and free to enjoy who she really is. She has even formed a modern family setup with Mel, who has also grown closer with Sweety and Earl.

In her coming out video in December, her unica hija left a message for her mom who served as her inspiration in becoming a better person.

"Over the past 18 years of being your daughter, you have taught me one thing and it’s that I need to strive to be the best person that I can ever be, and you are my number one inspiration for that."

"You are literally breaking out of your shell and coming out of your comfort zone just to be the person that you’ve always wanted to be. In love, there are no boundaries. Love is love, no matter what anybody says, and there are no labels, nothing, no stereotypes to live. Love is free, and you are free, mom. I love you and I’m proud of you," she added.

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