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PHOTOS: Kathryn and Daniel's best OOTDs together

From their matching Parisian looks to cozy beachwear, Kathryn and Daniel always complement each other's looks!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

9/9/2021 in News
PHOTOS: Kathryn and Daniel's best OOTDs together

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla aren't just #relationshipgoals, they are also #travelgoals! The couple has been to several countries in the past years, and they always bring their A-game when it comes to their OOTDs.

While we understand there are travel restrictions in some parts of the world, it's never too early to invest in stylish pieces to plan out your looks in your future travels. Here are some fashion inspo from KathNiel so you can look your best in your OOTD shots with your beau:



When we think of Parisian fashion, we think of classic yet sophisticated style. Kathryn and Daniel definitely achieved it when they went to Paris in 2019. For a no-fail chic look, try to add a blazer that complements your outfit to instantly up your overall look.

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Japan can get really chilly during the winter season, so it's best to go for thick clothes and layer them for that additional warmth when going out. You can achieve this by using a turtleneck top beneath your coat for the ladies, or a fleece jacket for men.

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As much as Kathryn and Daniel are fans of overseas travels, beach trips will always have a special place in their hearts. Kathryn often goes for one-piece swimsuits for her swimwear, while Daniel goes for good, old trunks for his beachwear.

Of course, your overall look wouldn't be complete without trusty beach sandals you can wear that don't just provide comfort, but also matches your fashion!

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You can never go wrong with the basics even during your travels, and KathNiel is proof of it. Kathryn rocked the basic black shirt look by layering it with a green jacket, while Daniel went for a white shirt and black leather jacket during their trip to Spain in 2016.

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United States


California has some of the best wineries so you need to make sure your outfit is on point! Best to keep yourself comfortable in flowy dresses just like what Kathryn wore, or you can wear your go-to outfit just like Daniel's shirt and denim to make sure you're free to move as you enjoy your stroll.

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Who can ever forget about KathNiel's iconic Morocco trip? Apart from sharing their sweetest photos, the two also served the best looks from their trip, with this one, in particular, being our favorite.

We loved how Kathryn balanced her all-white jumpsuit with a printed bandana that low-key matched Daniel's printed polo. Definitely a cute way to go matchy-matchy with your partner!

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